9-Year-Old Driver Was Headed to Grandma's House

PHOTO: A Wisconsin boy, 9, went on a four-mile joyride with a 4-year-old passenger on June 14, 2014, authorities say.
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WATCH Wisconsin Boy, 9, Drives Car to Visit His Grandma

A Wisconsin 9-year-old went for a high-speed drive with a 4-year-old passenger, trying to get to his grandma’s house.

The joyride happened Saturday in Washington County, in the southeastern part of Wisconsin, according to the county's sheriff's office.

The children found the car with the keys inside and took off, authorities said. The wheelman, barely big enough to see over the steering wheel, was barreling down a 35-mile-per-hour road at more than twice the speed limit.

After the boy headed off, the race was on to stop him before he hurt himself or someone else. Drivers called 911, with audio from those calls capturing the public concern.

“There’s a red Grand Am that is using both lanes, just weaving back and forth really bad,” one caller said.

Andrew Gonring couldn’t believe his eyes. The teenager pulled his car near the Grand Am, helping to slow the car to a stop.

“There was multiple times when I thought they were gonna flip that car or hit another person,” Gonring said.

The joyride covered about four miles. Police said no charges will be filed -- they’re just glad no one was hurt.