Dramatic Rescue of California Teen Stuck Under 6,000-Pound Truck

The jack holding up the truck tipped over, causing the truck to collapse.

— -- Dramatic surveillance footage captured the moment 17-year-old Cameron King was rescued from underneath his 6,000-pound truck.

King said he had been working on his truck when the unimaginable happened: the jack holding up the vehicle tipped over, causing the truck to collapse on top of him.

"I was supporting as much as I could with my neck and my shoulders," King told ABC News. “I was raised fight or flight. When this happened I thought, ‘What’s the best thing I could do?’ First thing, yell and call for help.”

Fortunately, UPS driver Brian Phillips was making deliveries in the area and heard King’s screams.

Phillips jumped into action without hesitation, lifted the weight of the truck, freeing King from underneath.

“He popped out and was standing up,” Phillips recalled. “I couldn’t believe he was OK."

The California teen sustained only minor injuries. His parents were extremely grateful that Phillips was there to assist.

“We are so blessed and it’s a miracle when you see that video and you see his truck go down,” said Kimberly King.

Cameron was reunited with his hero to thank him for saving his life.

Phillips joked: “Remember the first thing you asked when you got from under the truck? Is my truck OK? Well, it’s OK!”