Does the Bush Administration Share in the Blame for the BP Spill?

"World News" wants to know what you think. Let us know below.

June 10, 2010— -- As oil continues to flow in the Gulf of Mexico, TIME magazine is now turning its focus on who's to blame for the spill.

The magazine has released a 'Dirty Dozen' list of people responsible, which includes BP executives and Barack Obama.

Also on the list, coming in numbers 5 and 6, are George W. Bush and Dick Cheney.

"Presided over an administration that was swayed by oil and gas interests -- both have personal connections to the petroleum industry -- even as offshore drilling moved into ever-deeper waters," the magazine writes.

The topic of Bush administration culpability has come up in other places as well.

On ABC's This Week last Sunday, liberal Arianna Huffington said, "Right now we have precisely the regulatory system that the Bush-Cheney administration wanted: full of loopholes, full of cronies and lobbyists filling the agencies that are supposed to be overseeing the industry."

"So it's Bush's fault? Just to clear this up?" said conservative George Will, expressing the frustrations of many when they hear the previous administration held responsible for the current spill.

So, our question to you today: Does the Bush Administration share blame for the BP spill?