The Conversation: Baseball and Fatherhood

Sportswriter Will Leitch talks about his new book, 'Are We Winning?'

May 13, 2010— -- "Say this much for big league baseball: It is beyond question the greatest conversation piece ever invented in America," so said Bruce Catton, the Civil War historian and journalist.

For sportswriter Will Leitch, baseball was and is central to his relationship with his father, providing the grist for countless conversations and shared memories.

In his new memoir, "Are We Winning?," published by Hyperion, which is owned by ABC's parent company Disney, Leitch recounts a trip he and his dad took to Wrigley Field, where the lifelong Cardinals fans watched their team lose to the Chicago Cubs.

The book is an ode to the enduring relationship between baseball and America, father and son. In today's Conversation, Leitch talks with ABC's John Berman, a Red Sox fan, about his memoir and why he believes baseball's best days are still to come.