Travel Nightmare: Are Airlines Prepared for Big Storms?

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Dec. 29, 2010— -- The nation's airline travel infrastructure is still recovering, days after a blizzard grounded planes in an out of the Northeast. Today, those flying in the region continue to struggle with packed planes, canceled flights and crowded terminals.

While airlines can't control the weather, some they're unprepared to handle the aftermath of the storm, subjecting passengers to painfully long wait times on customer service lines, with little room to accommodate bumped travelers.

"There is an eight- to 10-hour wait just to get to a ticketing agent," one traveler at Los Angeles International Airport said Tuesday. "The ticketing agent tells you at that point that the first available flight to Newark or anywhere on the East Cast is Jan. 1 or 2."

Our question to you today: Are the airlines prepared for a big storm?

ABC's Scott Mayerowitz contributed to this report.