Should BP CEO Tony Hayward Sail Into Sunset?

This weekend BP CEO Tony Hayward continued to be a lightning rod for controversy after photos were published showing him sailing in a yachting competition off the coast of England.

The photos elicited a barrage of criticism from politicians and residents in the Gulf of Mexico region who continue to question how committed Hayward is to the never-ending set of issues surrounding the BP oil spill.

This is far from the first PR gaffe Hayward has committed since the oil spill began. Hayward has been criticized for down-playing the severity of the spill and was lambasted after commenting that no one wanted this spill to be stopped more than him because he wanted his life back.

And according to some reports Hayward has already been given part of that life back. In an interview with U.K.-based Sky news, BP Chairman Carl-Henric Svanberg implied that Hayward was being relieved of day-to-day duties related to the spill, and that managing director Robert Dudley would be taking over Hayward's role in responding to the crisis.

"It is clear Tony has made remarks that have upset people," said the Swedish-born Svanberg, who himself was the target of criticism after saying BP cares "about the small people" during a public statement apologizing for the spill.

After the interview BP tried to downplay the comments, saying that Hayward was still ultimately in charge of everything related to the oil spill and that Dudley would simply lead a new organization "to manage the long-term response once the spill is over."

But after another PR gaffe this weekend there are growing questions as to whether the board is considering replacing Hayward at some point with Dudley, or another BP executive.

So, our question to you today: Should BP CEO Tony Hayward be fired?