Texas Conservatives Want to Emphasize the Role of Christianity in the State's Public School Curriculum. What Do You Think?

"World News" wants to hear what you think.

March 11, 2010— -- Conservative members of the Texas School Board hope to put a traditional Christian stamp on the state's public school curriculum. Two conservative members were recently voted off the board in Republican primaries, but both have nearly a year left in their terms. The board meets this week for the first time since the primaries.

The conservative faction of the school board argues that the state's history curriculum emphasizes the accomplishments of liberal politicians while ignoring the contributions of conservatives. The conservatives say, for example, that history texts glorify FDR's New Deal and other social programs, while ignoring Ronald Reagan's goal to reduce the size of the federal government. Also, the role of Christianity in the nation's history has yet to receive its due in public school classrooms, they say.

Decisions by the Texas School Board can have national significance. Texas is one of the largest buyers of textbooks, so publishers write their books to fit the state's curriculum, and these books eventually end up in classrooms across the country.

Our question to you today: Texas conservatives want to emphasize the role of Christianity in the state's public school curriculum and the contributions of conservative politicians. What do you think?