The Conversation: Happy Birthday New Coke!

VIDEO: We take a look back at one bad marketing

Twenty-five years ago on this day Coca-Cola introduced what they thought would be the future of beverages. New Coke, created in a top-secret mission referred to as "Project Kansas," was a sweeter version of their flagship soda. It was also a giant flop, disliked by nearly everyone. Just 79 days later the original cola was back, but the memories of this soda fiasco have lived on.

In today's Conversation ABC's Sharyn Alfonsi and Michael Fleischner, founder of and the Marketing Blog, took a moment to walk down marketing's memory lane. Why did Coke think this was such a good idea? In the end how big of a hit did the company take and what are some of the other marketing campaigns that famously misfired.

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Today's Conversation is a fun history lesson in marketing. Enjoy!