The Conversation: Massa Mayhem

Diane Sawyer and Politico's Ben Smith talk about Rep. Eric Massa's resignation.

March 9, 2010— -- The mayhem surrounding Congressman Eric Massa has reached new heights, with the New York Democrat now accusing his party colleagues of conspiring to force him out of office. In a radio interview on Monday, Massa said that he was "set up" by the White House and congressional Democrats because of his plan to vote against health care legislation, charges that White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs dismissed as "ridiculous" today on "Good Morning America."

Last week, Massa said he was stepping down because of concerns that his cancer was returning, but he is also under investigation by the House Ethics Committee for a claim that he sexually harassed a male staffer. Massa has admitted to using "salty language" with the staffer at a wedding party last year, but he denies the charges of sexual harassment.

Rep. Massa is now taking to the airwaves to defend himself and lobby accusations at his party. He'll appear with Glen Beck on "Fox News" tonight, and Rush Limbaugh has promised to make Massa's story a focus on his radio program.

Today, Diane Sawyer spoke with Ben Smith of Politico about all of the drama surrounding Rep. Massa. What's the real story behind a resignation that's growing stranger every day, and what does it mean for the health care vote? Find out in today's Conversation.