Will You 'Check In' On Facebook Places or Does it Share Too Much?

We've all heard that old realtor's adage, "Location. Location. Location."

Well, social networking giant Facebook has got that message, with a twist -- they want to hear where you are.

At a news conference on Wednesday, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg introduced the company's new location service, "Facebook Places."

The feature will allow Facebook users to "check in" to various locations, showing their online friends where they are in the real world. For example, when you visit a restaurant, you could "check in," telling your friends where you're eating. Another feature would let you see other Facebook users currently in the restaurant.

Location-based technology has grown in recent years, making use of the GPS chip that is found in most cell phones. Sites like Facebook, Gowalla, and the now-defunct Dodgeball have all played on the same concept.

"This is not about broadcasting your location to the world, it's about sharing where you are with your friends," said Michael Sharon, "Places" project manager.

"Check ins" on Facebook are a choice. Users decide when and where they want to publicize their location, and aspects of the feature can be modified using the site's privacy controls. Facebook users can also opt-out of the service entirely.

Still, the concept might now be for everyone. Our question to you today: Will you "check in" on Facebook, or does it share too much?

Reuters contributed to this report.

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