'Glee' GQ Pics: Should Parents Be Angry About Racy Spread?

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Oct. 20, 2010— -- Part of the cast of the hit TV show "Glee" is in hot water over a racy photo spread in the most recent edition of GQ magazine.

"Glee" stars Lea Michele and Dianna Agron posed provocatively in panties, short skirts, heels and little else, in a high school setting. Fellow star Corey Monteith was also part of the shoot.

All three of the "Glee" actors are in their 20's, but given that they portray high school students on the show, the Parents Television Council has singled out the photos, saying that they "border on pedophilia."

""This is just the latest example of the overt sexualization of young girls in entertainment," the PTC wrote in a statement.

"Glee" is currently one of the biggest hits on television, with a weekly audience of some 13 million. It's particularly popular with young people, though it has dealt in mature issues since its first episode.

Our question to you today: Should parents be angry about the risque "Glee" photos?

Reuters contributed to this report.

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