Volcanic Ash From Iceland Has Kept Planes Grounded, but Have Authorities Been Too Cautious?

'World News' wants to know what you think.

April 19, 2010— -- Ash from Icleand's volcanic eruption has left commercial planes grounded for a fifth day, even though the skies have to begun to clear over Europe. Airlines have lost an estimated $200 million a day in revenues, and some carriers have expressed anger with their governments. They're now asking for compensation, and are calling on their governments to allow them to return to the skies.

European carriers Lufthansa, Air France and KLM Royal Dutch have all sent test flights across the skies, and they all returned to the ground safely with no damage to the planes. Steven Verhagen, the vice president of the Dutch Airline Pilots Association, said the skies were clear enough for the airlines to resume European business.

"With the weather we are encountering now -- clear blue skies and obviously no dense ash cloud to be seen ... there is absolutely no reason to worry about resuming flights," he said. "We are asking the authorities to have a really good look at the situation, because 100 percent safety does not exist."

Some flights are resuming today, particularly in southern Europe, but most flights will remain canceled, leaving hundreds of thousands stranded in Europe and the United States.

Our question to you today: Have governments been too cautious in keeping airlines grounded?

The Associated Press contributed to this report.