The Conversation: Moscow Subway Bombings

Diane Sawyer asks ABC's Moscow reporter about the deadly underground attacks.

March 29, 2010— -- Moscow's morning rush hour was brought to a halt today when two bombs, allegedly detonated by female bombers, killed at least 38 people in the city's subway system. Dramatic cell phone video shows people struggling to escape from the two stations amidst thick smoke and wreckage. While no one has claimed responsibility for the bombings, the Russian government believes the bombers came from Russia's volatile Caucasus region.

In today's Conversation Diane Sawyer spoke with ABC's reporter in Moscow, Alexander Marquardt. Marquardt was on the scene shortly after the second bomb went off and told Sawyer that despite overwhelming fear, people in Moscow said they refused to be deterred by terrorists. Marquardt also gives insight into how and why the Russian government believes that the terrorists come from the Caucasus region and how the government will respond to the deadliest attack Moscow has seen in years.

All this and more in today's Conversation.