The Conversation: Game Changer For Obama?

What's at stake in tonight's speech when it comes to Obama and oil?

June 15, 2010— -- Tonight President Obama makes his first nationally televised presidential address from the Oval Office, tackling the ongoing oil spill that continues to unfold along the gulf coast. On Day 57 of the crisis, Obama will do his best to convince the American people that his administration has full control of the growing environmental and economic fallout in the Gulf of Mexico.

The address comes after a two-day trip to the region, where Obama visited with residents, toured containment and cleanup efforts and urged Americans to keep eating gulf seafood.

But will Obama's latest push be enough? A new poll in USA Today found that eight in 10 Americans believe the spill will increase the cost of gas and food, while 50 percent believe some of the beaches will never recover.

In today's Conversation, ABC's Dan Harris talks with Politico's David Catanese about what the president will be looking to accomplish in tonight's speech. Is this Obama's opportunity to really grab hold of the situation? Will he unveil a revamped energy plan for the country?

The president's ratings have stayed steady through the past two months of nonstop oil news, but Cantanese can't see how that popularity stays strong if this crisis continues through the summer.

And what about Obama's upcoming meeting with BP CEO Tony Hayward and other BP executives? Cantanese lays out some of the scenarios.