What Do Tea Party Victories Mean for the GOP in November?

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The Tea Party finished off the 2010 primary season strong on Tuesday night, with victories in Delaware, New York and possibly New Hampshire.

Despite a hard fought battle by the Republican establishment, Christine O'Donnell won the Republican U.S. Senate nomination in Delaware, upsetting Representative Mike Castle.

VIDEO: Jonathan Karl reports on what the most recent primaries reveal about November.Play
Who Has Momentum in the Midterm Elections?

In New York, Buffalo businessman Carl Paladino also managed to win the Republican nomination for governor in a landslide against Rick Lazio who was supported by the party establishment.

Meanwhile, votes are still being counted in the very close race between New Hampshire's Attorney General Kelly Ayotte and Tea Party favorite Ovide Lamontagne.

However, these wins do not necessarily spell success for Republicans come November. GOP leaders have expressed their worry that these Tea Party candidates' strong views may hinder their ability to win in November.

O'Donnell's win has already captured the national media spotlight, but also continued to show fractures within the Republican party.

Today on "Good Morning America" O'Donnell fired back at recent comments made by Karl Rove regarding reports of her financial troubles.

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Delaware's Unlikely Tea Party Hero

"Everything that he is saying is un-factual. And it's a shame because he is the same so-called political guru that predicted I wasn't going to win. And we won and we won big," said O'Donnell. "And again he is eating some humble pie and he is just trying to restore his reputation."

Republican leaders had warned an O'Donnell victory would destroy the state party and quite possibly ruin any GOP chances of capturing the seat formerly held by Vice President Joe Biden.

"I have no doubt if she, by some miracle, became the nominee, she would lose the seat by unprecedented numbers," Delaware Republican Party chairman Tom Ross said.

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Now with that "miracle" has come true, the Republican Party has told ABC's Jon Karl they will not be giving any financial support to O'Donnell's campaign due to her inability to win in November.

Still, despite the infighting, yesterday's victories, along with anti-establishment Tea Party wins in other Senate primaries including Nevada, Alaska and Kentucky prove there is a strong movement against incumbent candidates come November. Most political pollsters say that spells more trouble for Democrats than Republicans, although the questions remains as to whether the GOP can harness voters' frustration to the party's advantage.

Our question to you today: What Do Tea Party Victories Mean for the GOP in November?

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