Sarah Palin Has Earned at Least $12 Million as Private Citizen; Is She Overpaid or Worth Every Penny?

'World News' wants to know what you think.

April 14, 2010— -- Sarah Palin will be in Boston today, rallying the Tea Party faithful near the site of the original Boston Tea Party protest in 1773. Thousands of people are expected to turn out to support the former GOP vice presidential candidate and the Tea Party movement, before another rally in Washington on Thursday -- Tax Day.

It's unknown whether Palin is being paid for her appearance today, but ABC News' Blotter reported Tuesday that Palin has earned a sizable income in the past year. Since stepping down as Alaska's governor in July, Palin has earned at least $12 million from book deals, TV contracts and speaking fees.

The $12 million is more than 100 times her salary as governor, and it likely lowballs Palin's actual income because reliable information on her business dealings is kept under wraps.

Some of her income comes from her frequent public speaking engagements. Palin is said to earn around $100,000 per speech, along with first-class air travel and luxury hotel accommodations.

Our question to you today: Is Sarah Palin overpaid or worth every penny?