SB1070 Ruling: Did The Judge Make the Right Decision By Blocking Parts of the Arizona Immigration Law?

Arizona's tough new immigration law was just hours away from taking effect when a federal judge issued an injunction blocking key portions of the law from being enforced.

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Among the provisions U.S. District Judge Susan Bolton put on hold are the "reasonable suspicion" section that would allow police to arrest and detain suspected illegal immigrants without a warrant. She also temporarily blocked the part of the law requiring the carrying of federal immigration documents.

Lawyers for the State of Arizona and the Justice Department are reviewing the decision for more details on how it will impact putting the law into effect.

Meanwhile, law enforcement officers across Arizona are preparing to enforce the measures not blocked today, as many immigrants have begun fleeing the state. Apartments have been left vacant and children pulled from school.

Police departments had been getting their jails ready, expecting a surge in arrests. Controversial Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio promised a new sweep to enforce immigration laws on the books, regardless of today's ruling.

Argument over Arizona's law has raged for months, with deep division on both sides.

Our question to you today: Do you think the judge made the right decision by blocking parts of the Arizona immigration law?

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