Ground Zero Drives National Controversies: Is Compromise Possible?

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ByABC News
August 20, 2010, 8:37 AM

Aug. 20, 2010— -- Nearly nine years after terrorists brought down the World Trade Center towers in lower Manhattan, the site of Ground Zero remains a central focus in the national debate.

Construction and recovery continues on the site, with plans to build an office tower, train station, and memorial museum years behind the original schedule.

Tempers have flared this summer over the so-called "Ground Zero Mosque," a proposed Islamic Center that would be built two blocks from where the Twin Towers once stood. Critics say that the project is insensitive and casts a shadow over the WTC site, while supporters say the project should go forward as an emblem of American tolerance and freedom of religion.

On Ground Zero itself, a controversy is growing over the 9/11 museum, which is set to open on the 10th anniversary of the terror attacks. According to USA Today, some 9/11 family members are now holding off on contributing mementos to the museum. Some call the museum's underground location unsafe, and express qualms about the fact that the museum will include background information on each of the terrorists.

Our question to you today: Do you think compromises are possible at Ground Zero that will satisfy everyone?

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