Study Says Spanking Can Lead to Aggression

'World News' wants to know what you think.

April 12, 2010— -- A new study links frequent spanking with aggression in young children. Researchers at Tulane University surveyed 2,500 mothers and found that when 3-year-old children are spanked often, they are 50 percent more likely to show aggressive behavior two years later. The study suggests that even light spanking can increase the risk of aggression.

Though some child-care experts have long advised parents against spanking kids, and one state even tried to outlaw it , the method of discipline continues in many homes. Of those mothers surveyed in the study, about one quarter reported spanking their children more than twice in one month. Half said they had refrained completely from spanking their kids.

Our question to you today: Do you think spanking is still an acceptable form of discipline for kids and why?