News You Can Use: How to Save Money on Gas

Below are some resources you can use to save money on fuel this holiday weekend:

Where are the lowest gas prices?

Click here for a map of cheap gas near the routes you may be driving. Pick the kind of fuel you are looking for (regular, mid-grade, premium, diesel as well as a variety of alternative fuels) and enter your location to find the cheapest gas in your area. provides the cheapest gas in both list and map form. Just enter your zip code or your city and state here.

Ten fuel-saving tips

You can maximize your fuel savings by changing the way you drive. Refraining from accelerating or braking too hard can boost your fuel economy by 20 percent. Click here for the top 10 fuel-saving tips that could help your fuel last a bit longer.

Habits that will help you save money on gas

Did you know that simple steps like inflating your tires and keeping your engine tuned can help you save money on gas, while some so-called gas-savings gadgets can actually hurt you? CLICK HERE for more tips from the Federal Trade Commission on how to pump more miles out of each gallon.

Are you taking advantage of coupons available for discounts on gas? Have you considered creating an office Web site so you and your coworkers can carpool to work? Here are some ideas for lowering your fuel expenses.

Visit for tips on how to drive more efficiently and keep your car in good shape.

CLICK HERE for Consumer Report's fuel-saving tips.

This calculator at lets you plug in the type of car you drive and determine how much money six different changes in driving or maintenance will save you.

You can share your fuel-saving tips with other viewers in the "Comments" section of this page.

When should I buy gas?

Did you know there could be an advantage to buying gas at a certain time on a particular day of the week? Gas Price Watch says that the best time to buy gas might be Wednesday morning because oil companies raise prices on the weekend and, by midweek, gas prices have been driven down due to competition. Click here for more insider tips like this.

Can renewable energy be cheaper for me as a homeowner?

With rising gas prices, you may wonder if there's a cheaper alternative to gas. The average homeowner or small business owner doesn't realize that using renewable energy technology can save you money in the long run. Click here to learn about how you can save money by using renewable energy.

Learn more about alternative energy sources

Click here to read about the different kinds of alternative energy sources that might be a viable long-term replacement for gas.