As Seen on TV: Breast Cancer Vaccines

Learn more about ongoing reserach opportunities for breast cancer vaccines.

Nov. 13, 2008— -- Researchers have explored experimental breast cancer vaccines that seek to use the body's immune system to target and kill breast cancer cells. More than 40 different research studies on breast cancer vaccines are under way across the country as part of an effort to prevent breast cancer from relapsing and to find a cure.

Want to Know More About Cancer Vaccines? The National Cancer Institute explains the type of research that is experimenting with vaccinations as a possible treatment for a wide array of cancers. It also explains when a cancer vaccine is an appropriate course of treatment.

The University of Washington's Tumor Vaccine Group, which was featured in this piece, outlines its research method and current studies, which target the "HER-2 positive" protein.

Researchers are exploring the ways the immune system intersects with cancer in hopes of developing new treatments, such as vaccines. For a list of ongoing clinical trials and to learn more about eligibility, click here.

Wondering If You Should Participate in a Clinical Trial? People decide to participate in trials for different reasons, and there are both benefits and drawbacks. Click here for information on how to weigh the pros and cons when making your decision about participation.

Interested in Supporting This Research? Learn more about how to make a donation to support cutting-edge research on breast cancer vaccines and women worldwide.