As Seen on TV: Cash for Trash Recycling

Towns and cities across the country have adopted innovative programs that reward citizens for recycling. In Everett, Mass., residents have been offered financial rewards for recycling, and the average household now recycles 10 times more than before. The daily garbage haul has been reduced by 11 tons, saving the city thousands of dollars.

The town of Everett, Mass., teamed up with RecycleBank for its cash-for-trash initiative. Residents place materials into a curbside cart without the hassle of sorting plastics, metals, cans, etc. A computer chip in the cart measures the weight of what's recycled. The amount is converted into reward points to use in local stores. Find out more about how it works and how to bring it to your city. is a program that recycles cell phones. You can trade in your old cell phone and charger for cash, either by mail or at dropoff locations in your area. CellsForCash verifies your shipment and sends you a check. The company sends your recycled phones to developing countries. Learn more about how to swap.

Instead of cash, or if your phone has no cash value, you can still recycle it by donating your old cell phones through to the 911 Cell Phone Bank. Your donation helps ensure that the elderly and those in need of care have access to phones for emergency calls. is a Web site where you can recycle your old electronics and receive cash back. Instead of storing old laptops, gaming systems or radios in your closet, or throwing them away as waste, you can send them to Gazelle, where its team evaluates the condition of your electronics, removes any private information from the devices and refurbishes them for resale at wholesale outlets.