Roads and Homes Being Wiped Away by Floods, Raging Rivers

Heavy rainfall out West is filling rivers and causing dangerous floods.
2:41 | 09/12/13

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Transcript for Roads and Homes Being Wiped Away by Floods, Raging Rivers
More than 2 and a half million people in a raging flood zone. There are reports of a 20-foot wall of water caused by a year's worth of rain in one day. Even weather experts calling it biblical. As you see here whole towns have been cut off by the floods. Drivers have been stranded, rescuers working hard to save them. Abc's clayton sandell is right there. Reporter: The raining still pouring tonight. Right behind me you can see a couple of houses. This used to be their front yard. Now a raging river. Carrying tons of dangerous debris. Every house on this street suddenly has new riverfront property, this new shore line stretches another ten blocks. The rain tonight is relentless, a nonstop soaking stretching up and down colorado's rocky mountains. By 6:00 this morning enough to suddenly wipe away this road. When we got to the scene there were three cars that were in the water. Reporter: Two drivers were rescued. One car upside down. Rescuers braved the rushing water, pulling the car upright. They break a window and suddenly a hand appears, a man inside trapped alive and under water for one hour. The car was filling up with water and as soon as he opened the back door another truck fell on top of his car and trapped him under water. Reporter: As he hand him a left vest, the car tumbles, finally they pull him free. All the drivers injuries were minor. The deluge is washing out roads and train tracks, cutting off rescue teams from the towns of lions and jamestown, surrounded bypa mass tif walls of debris. We've lost homes, cars and now beginni to try to assess the scope of the damage. Reporter: There are new evacuations tonight in the big thompson canyon. It might seem like the threat is abating but it's actually not the case. Reporter: Many are ignoring the warnings, getting dangerously close to the worst flooding here in decades. In boulder which just had its wettest 24 hours on record, neighbors pitched in for a mostly futile effort to save homes. It's like a jet. I countdown 1001, 1002, 1003 and that was it. Water everywhere. Reporter: Three people have been killed in this flooding but there could be more dead in some of those towns they haven't been able to reach yet.

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{"id":20243392,"title":"Roads and Homes Being Wiped Away by Floods, Raging Rivers","duration":"2:41","description":"Heavy rainfall out West is filling rivers and causing dangerous floods.","url":"/WN/video/roads-homes-wiped-floods-raging-rivers-20243392","section":"WN","mediaType":"default"}