The Conversation: Republicans Out to 'Kneecap' Sarah Palin?

VIDEO: Ahead of 2010 Vote, Politico says Republicans already thinking of
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Before voters head to the polls to decide the 2010 midterm election, many people in Washington have already turned their focus to the presidential election in 2012.

Some Republicans in Washington have a clear goal in mind; preventing Sarah Palin from winning the GOP nomination, Politico reported today.

The website's Andy Barr, who spoke with ABC News' John Berman today in the Conversation, cited two reasons for such a goal.

VIDEO: Ahead of 2010 Vote, Politico says Republicans already thinking of 2012Play
Republicans Out to 'Kneecap' Sarah Palin?

"A lot of these guys don't want Palin as the nominee because they fear that if she is the nominee, that means doom for them in 2012," Barr said.

And "a lot of these guys are going to be working for other candidates," he added, noting that the Value Voters Straw Poll had 20 Republican candidates.

Palin hasn't shied away from declaring her presidential ambitions. She has said that she's willing to run if it's right for the country and right for her family, and she has been raising money through her political action committee.

Many analysts see Palin as the real frontrunner for the 2012 Republican nomination but, Barr said, the Republican establishment is firmly against her.

"A lot of the Republicans in D.C. right now who are orchestrating these big wins are immediately going to turn to try and kneecap her because they recognize that this kind of conservative groundswell that follows her and loves her is something that they can't control and could be very detrimental to their candidates," Barr said.

For now, with hours remaining before midterm voting begins in earnest, the biggest question is how large the Republican wave will be.

"We have this Gallup poll out today that shows a 15 percent advantage for Republicans on a generic ballot among likely voters. ... Pew has it at 6 percent, so there's a 9-point gap in the generic ballot among likely voters," Barr said.

All that's left for candidates now is to wait and watch the returns.

"At this point, the narrative is set," Barr said.

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