Who's Right in the VP Face-Off, Cheney or Biden?

"World News" wants to hear what you think.

Feb. 15, 2010— -- Vice President Joe Biden and former Vice President Dick Cheney squared off Sunday in separate morning interviews. On ABC's "This Week," Cheney accused the Obama administration of being soft on terrorism and said the current administration should thank the Bush administration for the progress that's happened in Iraq.

Biden said that Cheney was "factually, substantively wrong on the major criticisms" he asserted and accused him of being "misinformed or he is misinforming." The White House scheduled Biden's appearances after it learned of Cheney's planned appearance on ABC.

The combative back-and-forth centered on terrorism policy, the prosecution of 9/11 terror suspects and other policy issues. Our question to you today: Who's right in the VP face-off, Cheney or Biden?