More than 100,000 Americans die from coronavirus

But Dr. Anthony Fauci is striking an optimistic tone, saying the country will better handle a possible second wave in the fall. ABC News' Megan Tevrizian reports.
3:39 | 05/28/20

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Transcript for More than 100,000 Americans die from coronavirus
Now to the grim milestone in the fight against the corona virus 100000. Lives have been lost in the United States. But doctor Anthony found she is striking an optimistic tone when it comes to the challenges ahead here's ABC's Manning to oversee and this morning for months after the country's first cove in nineteen deaths the US death told now topped a 100000. That's higher than the number of the US military combat deaths in every conflict since the Korean War. The new poll find deemed one in five Americans know someone who's been hospitalized or died from cold in nineteen. Three of those people who lost their lives just this past week include 34 year old sergeant signings the mood EO of carpenters still Illinois the father and husband passed away three days before his mother who also lost her battle with the virus. School safety agent doors Kirkland who worked with children in Brooklyn for more than thirty years became the 43 member of the NYPD lost to the virus. And assisting conductor Joseph rats and has become the second member of the metropolitan opera orchestra. To die from cold in nineteen. This country as I say often has been through some some really challenging terrible times you know world war is depressions. 9/11. This falls in that category and. Doctor entity fatty last night addressing the grim milestone but also striking an optimistic tone. He says a second wave of the virus is not inevitable. Why cautious hope and optimism is that as we get into the full will be able to control. The inevitable return of infection anybody that thinks it's not gonna come back in the full. Is not being realistic it's how you handle it that determines whether or not you have a second wave. And Saatchi seeing a vaccine could be ready by the end of the year. It comes as more of America plans to reopen Washington DC will lift its stay at home order Friday. And more states including Illinois and Pennsylvania will allow salons and barber shops to open Friday. More Las Vegas hotels are planning to reopen June 4. And Disney the parent company of ABC news plans a phased reopening of the magic kingdom and animal kingdom July 11. With limits on attendance temperature checks at the entrance. And requirement that all guests and staff we're faced covering how different is the park going to look when visitors and turn out. Will you see a lot more areas that are taped off that are going to specify what six feet actually looks like in the park. You're gonna sealed a lot less density than you normally might see and a Disney park. The second largest school district in the country is also releasing guidelines for reopening. The plan in Los Angeles county includes sixteen students per class. One way hallways and assigning one ball per student to play with a loan. Lunch will be served in classrooms in all students must Wear a mask meanwhile amid the struggle to reopen more stories of people stepping up to help others. Like Mahmoud Abdul in Georgia who's been baking bagels for nearly 45 years. And set a plane off his staff he kept most of them on the job. Pain then out of his own pocket so they could keep speaking to supply local food pantries. When you see when you come to this company would love you and headed people who have you all you want to pay them. And help the community. School for a minute with so many parents concerned about the fall we can't forget about the teacher and the RCE concerns. A new poll finds one in five teachers say. They are unlikely to go back to school if you reopen in the fall. Not a Magid thank you.

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{"duration":"3:39","description":"But Dr. Anthony Fauci is striking an optimistic tone, saying the country will better handle a possible second wave in the fall. ABC News' Megan Tevrizian reports. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"70925216","title":"More than 100,000 Americans die from coronavirus","url":"/WNN/video/100000-americans-die-coronavirus-70925216"}