12-year-old Girl Amazes Crowd On Talent Show'

Contestant Beau Dermott stuns in a jaw-dropping performance of "Defying Gravity" during week one of "Britain's Got Talent."
3:51 | 04/14/16

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Transcript for 12-year-old Girl Amazes Crowd On Talent Show'
Find out where the skiddie. And topping your headlines this morning. The amazing performance on Britain's got talent that you have to hear to believe. Her name is Bo Dermot she's twelve years old and she totally killed it during week one of auditions for Britain's got talent. Performing defying gravity from the Broadway hit wicket with the best. That performance won her a spot in the live semifinal at and to think she's apparently no stranger to. The stayed young bowl. Has reportedly want a number of regional British pound concerts in recent years. I have to say I saw the show I loved the show actually be she sounds better. Then the woman who I something on Broadway oh really hits you that I was going in a different dress I think you're going to different there are no I that's fantastic. Aren't backing in the south now managing about a minute or related to content impediment Israel over her cousin. Next still want to know what else let accomplished singer's always initiate that her ex husband singer Marc Anthony a whole lot of team being spilled right now and giving up on filtered interview to W magazine looking good. For its may cover story. Their marriage ended and now he says co parenting their eight year old twins with and his quote. By far the hardest work I do. The magazine. Meantime it really is a dramatic reading the superstar gave. Absurd racial of the 1992 cult hit the baby got back turning it from a hardcore party to into a PSA about female body image. He had game but he chose him and I cooler quit together without. So ladies. If the body is round. And you want to triple X throat and now 1900 an excellent. Eight to in the nasty thoughts. Giddy up back. Any magazine says look bad that's encouraging women all around the world to love their own side's. Positive message getting absolutely. Report however tracking up was in the commercial break fan does a great rendition of baby got back. But it. Here's a big else to love this book party and if you're into what we like to call celebrity realistic point. Actor John Cusack has put his stunning Malibu beach front house on the market the 4600 square foot three bedroom and three and a half bathroom home. Has a soaring lock and seal it vaulted ceiling rather in the living room. Some beach cues from nearly every window and a giant entertainment dec. Now we're talking yet the price is not bad for Malibu actually thirteen and a half million bucks but. He's willing to let you try it out first for 75000. Dollars a month. And here's proof positive that actor Matthew the cutting hey it actually vampire yet that's the only conclusion we can come up with after seeing this. Who freaky photograph posted by ready user who claims a photo is of. His great great grandfather taking apparently back in the late nineteenth century the hair the the sharp bone structure it should eyebrows appear to be identical. Therefore we can only good thing that got paid either of empire or he really can it just stellar his way back and forth. There's the time continuum and apparently he's great great great grandfather used to like saying our. Other signature I think bevy of of that and that the united.

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{"id":38386867,"title":"12-year-old Girl Amazes Crowd On Talent Show'","duration":"3:51","description":"Contestant Beau Dermott stuns in a jaw-dropping performance of \"Defying Gravity\" during week one of \"Britain's Got Talent.\"","url":"/WNN/video/12-year-girl-amazes-crowd-talent-show-38386867","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}