2,000-Foot Zipline in Panama City

Check out the 2,000-foot zipline off of a building in Panama.
2:58 | 08/06/14

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Transcript for 2,000-Foot Zipline in Panama City
Now it's time for the next this totally gave me the EV TV -- I 2000 what does it -- Take a look at best and Panama. City. 2008 up in the sky they -- parachutes -- seconds into doing the zip line going all the -- -- 31 year old cinematographer DeVon Graham decided to do this it got 319. Million look at that scenery I think I'm ready -- I can't imagine the nearly seven seconds to get to the bottom of the had to -- pushing its four seconds and -- have room for error there. -- bite would not but it does look gorgeous I gotta say they've got a great feel and everybody landed safely through. Our next great story of love at first flight in this epic -- connection a man and a woman and a flight from Barcelona Dublin. Hit it off -- they are they were chat each other rough they really started to develop some you know chemistry there but when they got to doubt when they got -- it went through customs hot and it couldn't find each other they got -- so. The man Gene Kelly 44 years old Ireland took just. Twitter. Started hash tag fine -- Katie is her name and. Through the power of social media eventually got re -- he appeared on talk TV can't. -- he was entirely untrue she was in Canada that's right and then they got out of there on the plane. They went their separate ways to connect to get well social media persistence pays off and tweeting to find that -- -- some time -- like the modern day nobody could threaten the. Parallel. Now have you ever tried to text and drive. This is a new device you don't have to have -- -- to have to take a look at the -- -- -- -- for -- you put that little device. It's called an -- You kind of dictate the taxes so -- -- your hands free you can call mom. Mom can talk to you back to see red -- much it cost it cost to ninety -- pre orders not a failed when yes. But -- be shipped in early 2015. To nine united pre order their thinking it will retail for 49. The benefit distraction right now looking straight ahead you're still kind of. Alienated the safety. Staring -- stuff like that settlement but that -- it work right. And you know -- -- technology and Atlanta had a -- got many times -- the next. Our economy got to close this one out what we're showing an amazing food artist who works with Oreo -- campus take a look. -- cherry picking some amazing creations from that. Incredible create the most or -- I don't know how she did you. After practice we took a stab -- ourselves here on world news now okay reveal my -- -- raise it. -- -- -- This is strong all of us here -- -- my heart. That's why did this what I want -- I did this on my teeth. Used it once did ABC. And what is -- smiley face can you tell.

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{"duration":"2:58","description":"Check out the 2,000-foot zipline off of a building in Panama.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"24860126","title":"2,000-Foot Zipline in Panama City","url":"/WNN/video/2000-foot-zipline-panama-city-24860126"}