Occupy Wall Street 2011 Protests

Music & Media Consultant Bruno del Granado gives his take on the Occupy Wall Street protests.
3:47 | 10/18/11

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Transcript for Occupy Wall Street 2011 Protests
Occupy Wall Street movement enters its second month today. And -- -- the protesters had gained thousands of supporters including some A list celebrities this is -- -- -- -- think -- going on here for more on what the stars are supporting the protest. And why we're joined by world news now media and music consultant Bruno adults were not -- good morning Brunell. What are you guys -- you -- -- well -- tell us who are we talking about here what kind of a -- -- on this list. Well we run the gamut from Yoko Ono to Russell Simmons Kanye West Susan Sarandon and the obvious Michael Moore. Eight and even -- somebody like Tom Morello from a rage against machines so it's it's artists television stars and movie stars as well. So some well known left leaning celebrities can join in the protest out there but what strikes me about this do. All the -- you just mentioned obviously a very wealthy people millionaires and -- seemed to represent the 1%. Of the protesters are out there are clamoring against had a -- -- and -- -- -- into the message. Well I think. -- they're sensing -- there's a shift in in in the cultural landscape Hollywood's always been very adept at adjusting his -- winds of change are blowing. And -- realize America's tired America's it's not hippies and punks and and and kids in dreadlocks are protesting. It's housewives its journalist its its. Janitors and and construction workers I think they really want to be part of of what's going on because this is a real mass movement -- -- entering its second month now it's spreading globally -- -- get part of it. We aren't talking about people who are incredibly wealthy do you think that these artists and celebrities risk anything by showing their support for these protesters. Well I think they do because the movement doesn't really have a leader yet and there's no no cohesive message to these guys are risking. That the movement gets hijacked or some sort of message gets distorted there's no clear picture yet. And and they are also risking by going down there either is coming across as condescending. Or a little bit soon. Speak because a lot of these people have major deals. They're there they're massive movie stars are there hugely successful touring artists and they do make a ton of money. And and that business of Gore's image is everything's -- is definitely on the line but for a for many many years in many different reasons we've seen celebrities. Kind of getting -- -- moon is like this there's there's quite a history of this -- Bruno. Oh absolutely during the sixties anti war movement it was artists musicians who basically with a statement that the tip of the spear. In helping ended of the conflict and Vietnam. We didn't see much in the seventies but in the end in the last ten years even because of the year or respect artist not. Really rallied against the war in Iraq or Afghanistan cycle they've really want to take the -- now and and really it's just took place in and where they have to being. Less questionable make this quickly do you expect this to continue and you think more celebrities are gonna joined this bandwagon. I think we're seeing that that celebrities are just becoming so enthused with that they're bringing public consciousness into -- I think it's gonna get much bigger -- And -- -- in terms of this letter is being out there is there any other facing backlash of criticism of the just think that maybe there -- grandstanding going on a little bit and PR has become ever others. You know -- crowds you know stars tend to follow. There's certainly a lot of PR and their they're getting a lot of heat about that because a lot of blocks a lot of web sites have been disclosing their their financial words and how much these artists are really where they're saying listen Kanye West went down their last week He was weighing gold grills 120000 dollar watch. How empathetic is that with the crowd so so they're risking lot of backlash especially from from from the right wing blogs. You're not the best not the best and the -- order of He has. There a cool move well thanks so much world is now media and music consultant Bruno del Granada thanks as always for joining us.

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{"id":14758935,"title":"Occupy Wall Street 2011 Protests","duration":"3:47","description":"Music & Media Consultant Bruno del Granado gives his take on the Occupy Wall Street protests.","url":"/WNN/video/2011-occupy-wall-street-protests-14758935","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}