2012 Election: Rockers, Presidents and Politics

Media and music consultant Bruno del Granado breaks down who's supporting who.
4:08 | 03/13/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 2012 Election: Rockers, Presidents and Politics
Back to politics in your voice -- vote it's time for a look at the campaign tradition that's how we sparks debate seeks eleven endorsement and. President Obama is backed by a countless number of Hollywood stars thought what about the Republicans here talk about that is our media. And music consultant wrote down we're not always good to have you live here in the house Bruno did you guys let's start with a Mitt Romney being the front runner was -- think he's the inevitable nominee -- which. They blisters are backing him -- biggest supporter. Is the Donald. Not a businessman they both talk the same language and actually Donald actually made it made some rubble called for and it worked -- in Michigan. He's also -- -- support of Kid Rock who's also from Michigan. He's sort of hit rock -- this is exactly is this -- -- right now right and Donny -- no surprise at all he's film Mormon. And just like Angelina Jolie's dad. That's true as well yes exactly he he's going after artist or celebrities who understand the concept of the 50%. Gene Simmons is -- of the kids. Founding member who says I love -- and talk to be about -- my taxes and he Romulus yes as Jeff Foxworthy is always a clipping him right there -- And as that's -- candidates and those blue collar voters who may have struggled to win over the last couple absolutely he's certainly struggled with and that's usually because of celebrity can sell the message better than any politician. Or want or serious. OK so Rick Santorum obviously be. True conservative -- doesn't collect himself wow what kind of Hollywood. Blisters -- -- are attacking Rick Santorum is struggling he has enlisted Pat Boone is not your listeners they. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I bet goods of every survey food and end it didn't -- -- lead singer and make a death a hard heavy and that is he. Again real strange support there. It's just a minute mega -- hats and reflective lyrics that -- President Obama has a list of 300. So far eight -- And central about -- which is no surprise would mean Democrats -- what was the statistic about 80% of Hollywood is typically. Give my guess about 85% a Hollywood money goes to Democrats. And -- -- Hollywood you think the liberal left and and that's for the big orders come out show. No surprise there Newt Gingrich as few people and as long to do Gingrich had Gary Busey appeared to a couple weeks ago who doesn't want can't use his endorsement and down -- still voicing their views very good support like -- Okay sorry can't get Fred Thompson ran for president four years yes any -- chuck no Chuck Norris -- What range of -- -- muscle that exact room vertical Ron Paul got Chuck Norris is mustaches and Jordan as. But Ron Paul has because of his libertarian point of views he has attracted over -- when he. Celebrities including Snoop -- Michelle Branch Kelly Clarkson. -- -- -- -- -- He's doing quite well deal lands and while Allen was stolen mayor Joseph Perry is on -- just inventory or Minnesota governor and so here's a few folks and that that's -- that's an eclectic mix -- -- and then you know a few more than Santorum GAAP and that speaks volumes about his libertarian point of view. -- because of the youth he's tracking lot of young young kids Richardson and his views. But we can assume anyway Snoop -- lights and he'll let us luckily that was out there at that angle -- -- how much of an advantage does does Obama have going into the campaign material support money and -- terms of what social media but nobody can sell the message spent a celebrity and an excellent -- likely congress is worth millions of dollars -- president Obama's got hundreds of those -- lineup and so. He can certainly. Counter balance what the Republicans are doing with the super -- on the money they're there they're generating with all these didn't countless numbers of celebrities who are supporting President Obama is about to about our culture to have celebrities have to have that kind of impact that's America to assess the -- -- real good to happen. Thank you guys thanks against you -- your -- touching usually over the.

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{"id":15908136,"title":"2012 Election: Rockers, Presidents and Politics","duration":"4:08","description":"Media and music consultant Bruno del Granado breaks down who's supporting who.","url":"/WNN/video/2012-election-rockers-presidents-politics-15908136","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}