Grammys Biggest Moments

Music & Media Consultant Bruno del Granado on what impressed at the 54th annual awards show.
4:44 | 02/13/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Grammys Biggest Moments
The 54 annual Grammy Awards now officially in the most of course the entire event -- overshadowed by the death. I'm Whitney Houston -- our media and music consultant Bruno del -- battle was at the staples center for the -- joins us now. The via phone and Bruno. That death that Whitney Houston overshadowed the grammys did -- not. Yes were Paula good evening Paula brought everything was overshadowed the minute news broke via Twitter yesterday at 355. Pacific standard and everything basically went into this week here Twilight Zone where people were slightly sister room -- Then the next thing was is it true is giving idea this party which excuse closest thing yet beckoning -- canceled looked at. -- for the show so everything went into a tailspin just because we're talking a Whitney Houston this is located is America's sweetheart from the minute she said. Put on on the stage in 1985 America has been -- public this girl always look at color. And right from the beginning we saw the -- -- and L cool. The tone in this was in a way -- Whitney's night. Oh yes he struck the right told -- PP eight. Tribute to -- without letting her tragic passing -- -- event brought. -- again Jennifer Hudson just phenomenal. Stunning -- Tribute to Whitney say she -- just an amazing performance rate there but you could tell that she was emotional as -- seems -- -- she maybe they'll want to carry that torch next. Yes she issue with the only one -- -- Possibly attempted cover I wanna love you she did a great job -- but she could not -- we need vocal prowess on the issue could see it. -- -- no longer under governor page. -- would never even -- Which it was just so amazing poll lead so impossible -- -- good indicator we can never duplicate her. Wish it was nice to see a real singer -- -- when he was true talent so was Jennifer she really she -- now though -- up about the rest of the night beyond. Obviously the the passing Whitney Houston it was -- it was one woman's night this was a -- -- bottom line. Oh my god brought me it would that I -- right for sure she was nominated for six and 16. 60 clean sweep over. This -- not so skinny bridge two collateral for a couple weeks ago some happy feet about. With good morning -- -- just holy came -- I don't know where three years ago and now he's sitting on -- the world. She is you're probably right now not only the best selling artist in the world because her album has sold over seventy million PT. But next week -- -- album will probably spend a quiet week at number one -- -- duke blue beating Whitney Houston's bodyguard soundtrack which are black -- just contribute number one. And such a boisterous. Beautiful voice Dell hasn't she was back on stage for the first time since her surgery -- what did you think about that for. Well Paula the minute -- -- Stage sound stage and start singing. You could hear a pin drop even -- Twitter chatter stopped everybody just for three and a half minutes was glued to either just watching this -- And she holy toward the -- -- it was -- in the rebel -- -- strongly that he -- amazing it's such as commander baba heartbreak in. The people -- because -- this -- real and that comes across in his piercing lives. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- the rest of performance has left quite an interesting ones. Well I got WI the other a lot of existing. Knew what it's going and -- not -- -- my first round me back to perform up to three years. We -- you know what happens -- years ago. But -- -- old timers who stole the show. Really opened the show which we take care of our own which is and you slump in the new album -- close it was the end it would Yugoslav from Colombia on Iraq. Tony Bennett and -- the Beach Boys -- Holy upstaged there's a new generation of -- and which -- Because I think we're aware of the new drinking and you McCartney where they -- Tony Bennett -- what's gonna happen and forty years that -- you. You describe that performance by -- and I may -- -- work. -- -- Yeah it got that sums up my friend and a flight it was kind of credibility is that it didn't take it back to winning were that about thirty seconds left here who what do you think her legacy will be and who is the next kind of Whitney -- -- -- that would compromise anything. We won't we could think about what -- -- -- Arcandor the only arguable Whitney will be critical for troops fifty -- hundred years how we could still be listening to Whitney Houston. It's absolutely a true talent and a legend has so many before her gone way way too soon gridiron millionaire in the airports -- however. Joining us and they -- -- night -- as well as he appreciated Bruno cannot have a safe flight home my friends and Arabic.

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{"id":15571938,"title":"Grammys Biggest Moments","duration":"4:44","description":"Music & Media Consultant Bruno del Granado on what impressed at the 54th annual awards show.","url":"/WNN/video/2012-grammy-awards-biggest-moments-15571938","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}