2012: The Year in Review

World News Now recaps the biggest stories from the past year.
3:28 | 12/31/12

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Transcript for 2012: The Year in Review
It has been a busy year of the world news from history making relevance to -- tragedy at an elementary school. That it broke our hearts. How did that captain abandoned his Shiite and -- waiting for ordering an evacuation attribute their. Point -- -- thousands of fans remember in the life -- Joseph Paterno just months after a sex scandal engulfing campuses forced him to step down the Penn State coach died yesterday of complications from lung cancer. He -- have extensive coverage. I'm Whitney Houston's death this half hour but here's what we know as things stand right now the medical examiner says she did die in the bathtub of her hotel room. But toxicology -- from wrong -- may not come back for as long as two months Q what those people who snapped say again. -- make good number seventeen -- it's. Hold on to advocate is now a thing of the past eight collector's items he had really punish the -- of that guy and -- his face against the sidewalk as Zimmerman claims. There be some mark lawyer can be more physical evidence of that kind of supplement their top you don't get. What that it whatever it we're gonna need. Story send -- -- I have been here. The longest -- the Vegas I've ever had thirteen hours. Record half -- billion that's right half a billion dollar -- -- the lottery fever sweeping the -- and the nation ahead of tonight's Mega Millions drawing. With the enormous wildfire blazing across northern Colorado now stretching across eighty square miles this was at the premiere of the Dark Knight returns the new Batman movie there's so many folks were lined up to see. Late last night but again a mass shooting at this movie theater outside Denver Colorado in Aurora. Twelve team USA still racking up the -- and you can call -- Douglas America's new golden girl after she won the women's all around gymnastics title. Of course she won another gold in the women's team event as well -- -- -- -- flying this horrible the prosecution in the dairy and -- case could wrap up its case by tomorrow at three and send -- these accusers testified yesterday bringing to five the number of them to take a stand -- good morning everybody I'm -- Nelson -- this -- hurricane center. Is our only story -- that monster storm turns into a worst case scenario -- Why that -- yeah -- eat the last Obama. And then re elected president I'm the United States -- the -- just after 11 o'clock eastern last night. -- states including Ohio. Breaking developments in the widening scandal that's already claimed the career of former CIA director David Petraeus. Hundreds turned out to remember the twenty children and six adults killed in last Friday's elementary school massacre. They did a very emotional address the president said simply the country has had enough of this kind of bloodshed. Charlotte. Daniel. Bolivia Josephine. Let us find the strength to carry on. And make our country worthy of their memories -- -- incredible year. The president revealed them earlier yesterday that that day of Newtown Connecticut December 14 2000 -- that was the worst day. Of his presidency the toughest yeah. Think anybody would argue with that and on -- lighter note your hairstyle I think that kind of like 32 different styles for 3530 -- how do you prefer actually longer short. I'm not gonna answer that with a woman and I don't know up.

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{"id":18100155,"title":"2012: The Year in Review","duration":"3:28","description":"World News Now recaps the biggest stories from the past year.","url":"/WNN/video/2012-year-review-18100155","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}