2013 Top 5 Biggest Celebrity Moments

ABC News' Entertainment Editor Lesley Messer discusses the top celebrity stories of 2013.
3:00 | 12/26/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 2013 Top 5 Biggest Celebrity Moments
We've got a special skinny here this morning we're looking back at some of the biggest stories we covered in the skinny this year joining us is Lesley messer entertainment editor at abcnews.com. Leslie -- Michelle. Hi you've broken down it's about five stories and I think other -- real entertainment stories of the year and start out with Jennifer Lawrence what are your purse she really sort of she's arrived man. She did it became very clear that she is going to be on the top of the us for awhile. Not only did she start here by winning an Oscar and then you know she fell on games Olympic meet the most adorable speech -- -- -- made everyone want to be her best friend. Then she had one of the biggest blockbusters of the summer with the Hunger Games and then she decided to cap off -- -- by getting a Golden Globe nomination for American assault. It's really good to be heard this. It was pretty here so let's not that not happen so -- and we had a really bad year for an implosion of the year -- Paula Deen. This Sunday terrible year for polity and Paula -- is probably counting the seconds. For 2013 -- and she admitted to having me it's a racial slurs in the past. And with that the -- never canceled her show she lost endorsement deals and most importantly she -- -- back -- her huge huge fan base. At her lowest point she sobbed on national television for forget -- it latest. Not every 2013 -- -- -- -- yes no maybe an issue -- -- so -- asked to assume that next year shall mount some kind of a come back. I am I'm rooting for her everybody should get a second chance -- why exactly are sincerely sorry but personally -- excited for 2013. Postal -- Miley Cyrus a weird year for her yeah I mean just the I mean she's become a lightning rod. Either you like -- hated her but you definitely -- -- my latest here she was your break after that she emerged sort of more confident more independent. Her album got the top of the charts she worked on national television people have been talking about her -- performance. Months and months after the fact still. So let me get better what do you remember more than two working with a strange cat two and a win win two years -- I think she won't go down in history as the best for current -- -- the cat doesn't hurt it again this write a little cap virtually ends up. We lost three tragic. Actors this year. And really shame the circumstances involving whole story. All James Gandolfini is Paul Walker in Craig might give all died Barry and and very sadly I think. Everyone was caught incredibly off -- by their deaths at Hollywood made it clear that this was a huge loss for the industry and -- -- -- -- before their time you know all they were clicking on all cylinders professionally in the. Rise to -- well and things are coming out that they did it posthumously what she is especially sad because he realized. These are projects that they last and wanted to promote wanted to be apart. It's a much more to -- exactly and your top story from. -- government. About -- royal -- -- donating. This is something -- think the entire world came together to celebrate people. We've been waiting for really key to having babies since they got married in 2011. And I think he had the picture of Kate -- coming out of the hospital looking crowd looking radiant with -- adorable little and that is something we'll all remember -- -- I think they handled superbly when you say is there as are any are you the media watchers saying they could have done this better that -- do you -- now. OK let's amazing she just started showing off what this is -- my body looks like right after I had in me and I think. Will gain you new fathers everywhere. You know some some thing to worry about with the way he handled the car seat was such a -- each room. I was aren't planning this move with the -- -- I really important to admit that he actually practice the -- Rangel. I think some -- -- breathing a sigh of relief and of their lives couldn't necessarily get to -- they weren't that. Leaving the room maybe going to be a big story in the upcoming year as well do you think it's kind of like oh my gosh we'll be hearing -- prince charge for years and years and years to come and thank. Everyone's kind of excited to see what kind of parents like he will be and more importantly when will prince George Harrison -- Yes you're right about that and we'll get the first steps before long I would imagine as well here. There should be fun Wesley -- thank you very much from abcnews.com. Thanks for joining us.

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{"id":21337253,"title":"2013 Top 5 Biggest Celebrity Moments","duration":"3:00","description":"ABC News' Entertainment Editor Lesley Messer discusses the top celebrity stories of 2013.","url":"/WNN/video/2013-top-biggest-celebrity-moments-21337253","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}