The 2016 Best Picture Nominees in LEGO

Toscano Bricks recreated scenes from Oscar-nominated films using LEGO.
2:46 | 02/29/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for The 2016 Best Picture Nominees in LEGO
Again that's our Oscar techno beat don't Eritrea asked. It's fun okay so let's talk about the Oscars shall we. You know spotlight on the big movie that big award of the night we've seen many of the scenes it tells its sad tale but it really is a fascinating. Movie. As we take a look at. Spotlight trailer. You see these are some of the familiar scenes of course with some of the actors and then we'll let go. Decided to do their version. The spotlight trailer they've done like a little three minute video showing all of the Oscar nominated movies in Lego and it absolutely. Hilarious five including the marsh and including remnants he's got a hair down anyway yes he does room. And mad Max fury. Half of all it's really did they do they took a lot of work to get them that all of my folks really go all out guessing they are well ahead of the. But you know someone else who went all out half the people have feeling they just knew that the united capping was gonna sweep this what his role as best actor and apparently. The flip it it's person on you to Riddick avenues to did this. I'm going up to get his Oscar award. Blocks of those stairs he's got Oscar righted its I get ready to grab it and wouldn't have had the bear again asked the bear strikes. In memory and. LeRoy and Australia after you've got luckily nothing like that it's happening yet he's just that the Oscar parties to have her. All right let's move on. Still with the theme there are a lot of Oscar related parties of course it's a really big night for parties and and they kept with the theme he would say this year's parties including. You know you have the baked brie Larson at this one party that's free yes. They added that she's of course yes the debate free event. We have this martian hum this seat what they did here weighs what happened here they kind of made it seem like the landscape of Mars in little Larson. In the. That's how they design their promise at great irony and of cursory couldn't. The Oscar so white pizza. Golf course we had to get that little finger and there exactly with the white sees. Bill Lynch obese or sausage is allowed to make I'm. Too much. Play we'll food basket saint for the Oscars because Chris Weitz Chris Weitz Chris Rock really he's most of the skin a Brothers just like. OK so I was peculiar but the Chris Rock picked it rocked up depict adults. Before the big show and he actually went through the character of see that this is this three game this is is free trade agreement and the little what I was McDonald's I swear that I didn't have any champagne yet he didn't. Bad based on this broadcast. Guys got a big.

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{"duration":"2:46","description":"Toscano Bricks recreated scenes from Oscar-nominated films using LEGO. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"37275979","title":"The 2016 Best Picture Nominees in LEGO ","url":"/WNN/video/2016-best-picture-nominees-lego-37275979"}