2016's Funniest Games

Toy Insider Mom Laurie Schacht shows off the newest indoor games that are suitable for the whole family!
4:20 | 09/28/16

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Transcript for 2016's Funniest Games
The weather getting cooler in the days getting shorter many of us are moving our activities back indoors which means it's a great time to resurrect game night. Toy insider ma'am Laurie Shaq joins us now with some of the season's funniest games are good morning. Good morning and I love games it's family is together friends Diaz I do know what I love about these this first everything's under 25 dollars. You don't see any device is no batteries it is good old fashioned face to face silly an idea to go around searching for the batteries and unite again as it could. Our greatest over the game called prove it to this isn't funny gain a group of let's get together and somebody has got to prove it. Cell we start by spinning this little Spinner we were a group and I was the challenger and this landed on knew I would be challenging you okay. There are four different categories to choose Fran. We have mad skills we have now Hal we have a lot card and we even have eighteen carts of life. But I might find the nets kill card that says. I wonder if you can put this spoon on your nose and I'm gonna say I can hold this for five seconds and you might say. I can hold it for ten seconds that way either one of you I say prevent now which one I think I can hold up for seven seconds true that. That. 1234. Fitness that it is sad that. So you get there at. And that's fact that it's at it differently spending and he wanted to gonna get this nice in Hungary this is called taco takeover. We each other tasks accomplished already and I were recipe card. So you have viewers I have mine. Did you arrange for the benefit begin specials. That. Somewhere Gibson's over their laughing at me raise so we'll do is we want just find everything that is on our recipe card so we turn over the taco thanks beat. I have eight so I would get to keep this car Adobe and my OK so with you got it we would simply put the cart over there and you know the one of us would be able to use it back. There's also some fun cards and here we have our logo card bullet that sounds fun so what I got the local part I would get all of your toppings. Then there's. The cook an access card and that's elegant turn an Arab I got this guy that would lose the hands but that does a lot of my own wants and that's isn't a done and then end them OK so. Family game night is getting all hot wild with this one but this is called pass the pig's big pigs we have these to you pinks field. They're actually the ice made it to throw them up in the throw them but it just give them a quick throughout let's see how they land we're making pigs fly remain. Pigs fly dipped ten. Haven't he'd land that's how many points you get there's a whole scene over here at fort thanks we will have to figure it out here selling the goal to get a hundred points. But there are few compromising positions that these pigs and landed know that you get no appointee what are your points so you have to decide if you wanna keep coming perky ones that now we can't even just some of these. And that a man Aaron L I'm sure it's right. Of course and it should read what would be better than charades with progress over and aren't shaking into this is chicken sure rates we still can't speak but we cat. A so we have our different sure rates card so I might take a card and then I have to use this Pratt. And so maybe I'm doing this backstretch and you got it that was good that was quick. I can't last one I'm gonna move this out of the way because that's an expanding that you actually do you remember pilot phase yeah unless you are well everyone loved it. But at the game of luck now we're gonna compete this is high stakes showdown so we are going to go. Face to face. Literally how much with Green Day and you say when I think that's good I think that's that's had a headache isn't on the cyber Berkman put our base isn't and we're gonna push them. And in my and I didn't aren't good friend who look at my. I locked but I dug into agreeing not aware and very much effect whatsoever bush isn't the fact this you have to do anything about the fastest. Rula will back that Beckett well I will reap the benefits anyway. Federal. Thank you so much for being here these are great toy insider mom Laurie shacks it was great having you. And don't forget you can check out these games and lots of other untoward website and lawyer is let that that is the toy insider dot com and on our FaceBook page that NN band dot com. You're watching world news them.

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{"id":42411652,"title":"2016's Funniest Games","duration":"4:20","description":"Toy Insider Mom Laurie Schacht shows off the newest indoor games that are suitable for the whole family!","url":"/WNN/video/2016s-funniest-games-42411652","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}