2017's year in entertainment

World News Now takes a look back the at this year's top "Skinny" stories.
5:18 | 12/29/17

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Transcript for 2017's year in entertainment
OK so it's been quite a year in the entertainment world from the Hollywood baby boom to us welcoming America's twins. Beyoncé is. To plenty of red carpet shenanigans we never really had a dull moment in the skinny and. This morning we are looking back at our most unforgettable moments 2017. We are expecting him. Big surprise she and husband daisy are expecting twins all of America held their breath of this moment her very first big picture. The newborn twins. America's twins you'll never do anything as important as to introduce the world to roomy and sir mirror group. I'm here. Means it is that is Christie in John legend's daughter Lou and every mile in the family is expecting another baby T George and Amal. And he of course the power couple welcomes twins yesterday a boy and a girl Serena Williams. The Grand Slam tennis phenom has confirmed on snaps at that she's twenty weeks pregnant camels return after a week off and he's got a new sidekick. That's right is baby Billie was there just days after a second open heart surgery. Daddy cries and TV but Billy doesn't it does. Great so OK Lindsay. Will you be rendering them. Yes they're living there as well I love being around ailing men dressed man I think there it is that you need to bring them down gave up a shot at love. For ring basically you know it was Knight of the good. But you can decide when it comes to fat indicating very thing to be had now thanks please no thanks a little mind again thanks. Well I'll catch you a hug it right world war. Aren't I don't know her. Kramer I can't I don't know her gym carry through has been making some headlines recently for some rather candid fashion's night. The lead to peace. Lies beyond personality. Beyond invention in disguise. Beyond the red FC where on your chest and makes bullets outside the and that's an assist us about when acoustics. And. And had done it again and they predicted that the U chair amazing finish accurately predicted that Lady Gaga not only would perform. At the Super Bowl halftime show the Simpsons got some of the details right as well including. Got off loading into the stadium in a harness and even those who. Boots look familiar. Who hire brought grinning when they went on and off she didn't have that she propaganda of the township I'm sure she did we are hearing from pink on her incredible performance at BA amazing call. This stunt hanging off the side of a skyscraper performing her song live. The scariest thing she has ever done and apparently she in the group of aerial dancers had just five days to put this routine together from. Every famous person that you know is all in one place they came together to benefit the victims of hurricane Harvey and Burma. Anyone. Who believes that there is no such thing as global warming most people aren't. Or on its hands. But I ran and Randy performed her massive benefit concert. Just sold out crowd this taking place just four miles from the scene of last month's suicide bombing cut indeed the rapper who doesn't dance now she makes. No not mean now. Containment money really another because she had been number one song in the country taking a tough spot on billboard's hot 100. What do. You immediately do that was Taylor swift's song which had been a number one before she knocked Taylor out the list. So I made its Iron Man. Eight time Grammy winner who never finished high school was honored with Harvard's for since its mentoring award for the charities that she founded over the years give parents and of course who plays again with the groans character. Just revealed the wonderful addition he prepared for his fiancee does tonight yeah. Check out her reaction. Similar happened yeah. We. Oh. For my best friend. The rock so he hinted at a run for president earlier this year but now he's saying he seriously considering it. But I don't want to remind the rock that says you seriously considering it I am seriously still available to be your running mate party of the people all I I. High and high fully support this. We permits opposed. They do. It if you still need to finish your holiday shopping did you have concede that separate the two. I don't even at my China affair. I'm like him. It's just move business. That aside and yeah if I could he do it to the solo shot then. They'd have decided about mark creepy. He did you know that threatens the acting. Comanche players moving her eyebrows I can link barely move my eyes yeah. I think ethnic. I can't move any Huffman.

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{"duration":"5:18","description":"World News Now takes a look back the at this year's top \"Skinny\" stories.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"52041208","title":"2017's year in entertainment","url":"/WNN/video/2017s-year-entertainment-52041208"}