'21 Jump Street': Review

Amanda VanAllen reviews the comedy loosely based on the 1980s Fox show.
2:56 | 03/19/12

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Transcript for '21 Jump Street': Review
Is that we've played the saxophone player stacks of bound up OK and finally this half hour our -- morning insomniac theatre as you stop right there are 21 jump street was tops at the box office this weekend. That's right and our digital news associate Amanda van Allen was among the paying customers she joins us with her review -- -- -- good morning. I -- I gotta tell you when I saw this preview in the theaters I don't look terrible and yet it has been getting great reviews. I thought the -- was absolutely horrible -- didn't do the movie justice and the movie was actually pretty good we'll there was some really good laugh sometimes there was. More time between the last and I -- lights but every joke was really solid and they really took some time to really think about what they were gonna do it wasn't just stupid slapstick comedy. The duo was really good -- Jonah Hill and Channing -- awesome you wouldn't think that they would work well together but these two worked find me. They -- deliberate and everything that they did and I just really enjoyed the company has that was really. It took a moment of honesty you had no idea that this is based on a series from the -- early ninety's if you -- you're up to date you were born white -- -- -- -- -- -- Pretty much he makes a sealed yet what you end when the originals TV series came -- that was the year I was -- Johnny -- net Johnny -- couple more really important people so let's listen to whatever they -- is not -- That -- -- -- let's review. It is intriguing. It was pointing out slips audience that -- action. Some didn't lend us money I thought it was member. Stars so yeah I'm gonna give it three and a half stars like SS I thought it was really funny at the writing was very good it wasn't stupid slapstick comedy but you know -- -- a couple walls and the plot it was shares a little bit more. Characterizations. It was intriguing and clean things. It also -- an interesting -- a big Jonah Hill be funny. If there wasn't you know the fat jokes are sold you know that's Smart jokes but. Really good if you're really -- it it. I would recommend it don't bring your kids there's a lot of swearing in and the movies don't bring your kids but you know you want to go out with a couple of your girlfriend's. Go ahead that's a victim -- -- -- the only either we always get buttered popcorn and a pathway butter it and then and then the Reagan back. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Finally next time in the -- accidentally doing him a thank you. You very much that is needed for this half remember to -- us on FaceBook.

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{"id":15953050,"title":"'21 Jump Street': Review","duration":"2:56","description":"Amanda VanAllen reviews the comedy loosely based on the 1980s Fox show.","url":"/WNN/video/21-jump-street-movie-review-15953050","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}