A 25-Year-Old is Running for Office in California

If elected, Erin Schrode would become the youngest member of Congress.
2:55 | 05/10/16

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Transcript for A 25-Year-Old is Running for Office in California
Time now for the next in everyone's always talking about how millennial they're just not motivated him with a do any thing they'll lower. Well I want you to meet Aaron Schroeder she started an eco platform at an environmental nonprofit turning green when she was just thirteen years old. Now own. The ripe age of 25. She is running for. The congress over achievers she agreed and officially declared her candidacy for congress in California's second district teacher that she still just mourning for at the time the now. Few weeks later she is officially 2.5. But her campaign is in full swing. Very much a millennial campaign issues as its grand Twitter and FaceBook in a savvy way that only digital native could. And that's yet she made her official announcement. In my heart failure that are well you know fallen first went to congress when news in his place. French drug look out for exactly RA so I guess a popular gift. Mothers Dave was all about beyoncé Bennett yeah particular. The aunts and and that man. Yeah it is sepia. You know. And none of the. I love her mouth. Obama then and there weren't negative so there were so turned dissident fame this big thing was trending on supporter. After Sunday a lot of kids gave their parents forgave their mom. Beyoncé tickets the formation sort we got on the back is up. That's that would even came with some signs of got momma back yeah we got him back that there may have best actor she liked it so much news. Right now that's and it went into this weekend update tickets. The go get daddy executes well Magnuson so that's what happens when you take mom to be yeah. This is what happened and it surprised your daughter college are reticent but probably the most benign. I've kind of hit the predator. But look at this particular amount decided it would be a good effort for it just show up at her daughter's school. And so when she arrived at her daughter's dorm rooms and she wasn't there she thought it would be funny to send her a photo. It looked where yet. That federal wherever you. That woman got his fifth but when an event. When you know wrong dorm room altogether doesn't know what her daughters. I'd like I guess not she said that the room without packed up for summer so it looks like it could have been my dorm room there. The village not far away. It's a little I wonder how she got and then also. The Florida telling them that. It's don't attract attention consciousness and I'd expect fifty got a great idea at all you imagine your mom's president Eileen I would've been reading.

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{"duration":"2:55","description":"If elected, Erin Schrode would become the youngest member of Congress.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"39002056","title":"A 25-Year-Old is Running for Office in California","url":"/WNN/video/25-year-running-office-california-39002056"}