Aaron Alexis: The Man Behind the Washington Navy Yard Shooting

The father of the man who shot and killed 12 people says his son had an anger management problem.
2:40 | 09/17/13

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Transcript for Aaron Alexis: The Man Behind the Washington Navy Yard Shooting
America this morning. Investigation into the tragedy moves forward there is a key question that remains just who is Aaron Alexis. Before they -- done profiler is we'll be talking to just about everyone who ever knew him. What those profiler -- are likely to begin seeing is a study in contradictions. -- Alexis was a convert to buddhism. A friend in Texas says he used to meditate with a -- at the Buddhist temple in Fort Worth. He's a good guy vehicle but I don't you know so I can say that you didn't and but. -- wanna do with me it's nothing it's nothing to be like kill me that he's gonna get Chris people -- -- -- -- -- through someone. But Alexis is father once told detectives in Seattle where his son once lived that his son had anger management problems. He complained about being a victim of discrimination and about the navy. He just didn't seem like he would be that kind of person that would be that -- -- have to go do something like this so that's why you're working views Alexis worked at a Thai restaurant in Texas he traveled to Thailand and could speak to customers in their native language. Those who knew him can't hide their disbelief. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Harry and that Putin told other people into. One thing that is clear is that Alexis was not a loner he had friends a support network -- some car trouble is some things we're going wrong -- asked -- for some help and kept -- their everywhere could but he also says Alexis was passionate about video games and would stay up all night playing that. Encouraged him every chance I can get but that was because I didn't want him to get discouraged you know. But obviously got discouraged about something I just wish I knew what it was a really do wish -- I wish. This was just never happened. -- -- friend tells ABC news at Alexis used to joke about shooting people playing violent games. And that he started missing work because of his video game -- obviously something investigators will be looking into on this day after still disbelief. Here's a look at the day ahead the White House -- President Obama has ordered flags be lowered to half staff honoring the shooting victims. There will be or may not half staff until sunset on Friday -- Capitol Hill the house will observe a moment of silence this evening. A senate committee hearing today on stand your ground -- has been postponed. And the Washington Nationals which had postponed their game against the Braves last night will be made up that game this afternoon one PMs part of a split doubleheader. And stay with ABC news an abcnews.com. As a cover all of the developments in the navy yard shootings live team coverage coming up on Good Morning America.

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{"id":20276290,"title":"Aaron Alexis: The Man Behind the Washington Navy Yard Shooting","duration":"2:40","description":"The father of the man who shot and killed 12 people says his son had an anger management problem.","url":"/WNN/video/aaron-alexis-man-washington-navy-yard-shooting-20276290","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}