World News Now: Rob Nelson Anchors Breaking News

WNN anchor Rob Nelson remembers the hard news stories during his time on the show.
2:47 | 03/15/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for World News Now: Rob Nelson Anchors Breaking News
The reason we journalists knew what we do was to share incredible stories -- all of you. Elections natural disasters and national tragedies to -- some of those stories unfolding right here during the early morning hours -- -- here has been there for some of the big ones. Rescue finally I was 33 Chilean miners who spend 69. Days underground to the minors who ranged in age from nineteen up to 63. Summer -- some husbands -- -- a former soccer star and point gain -- perhaps they point nine magnitude quake struck at 246 local time in Japan you get a sense that people are heeding those -- is there a movement in the country now from trying to get out of harm's way with more tsunamis likely all of us. That this is the largest -- -- -- in the time that I have lived here -- custody George -- an anti government accused in the day. -- -- Martin is in jail important where that that story made was that really has become an issue of credibility -- people then see if you are right about the money then why would -- not lie about the details of what. Happened that night good morning everybody this is rob Nelson Paul -- here -- ABC headquarters here in New York we want to bring you some details. On a breaking story out of Aurora Colorado this morning have very scary situation a suburban Denver. Movie theater -- there has been a mass shooting coastal communities completely. Flooded millions without power roads bridges trains and buses all shut down sandy has now been downgraded to a tropical storm when it hit him in full hurricane force winds showing us. The -- power. A mother nature. Four more years president Barack Obama is reelected. The headline tonight is about the president now -- how well he did and how it defied all expectations and pundits no one expected to elect -- GAAP. To be as -- it wasn't. Apparently the gunman first entered. A kindergarten classroom so even younger kids can -- it was empty he thought it was empty but the kids were actually in a bathroom where the teacher had taken again. After -- in that room was empty when it's that first grade classroom -- proceeded to kill fifteen. Of the sixteen students. In that classroom now that the inaugural song and dance is over President Obama has a big agenda for his second term. Talks even said it seem like a State of the Union Address then indeed. You know an inaugural was any zoning policy issues whether it was climate chief climate change -- -- -- gay rights issue equal pay for equal war immigration reform. -- -- -- -- -- -- Hope -- that by all accounts humble and holy whose very name marks a new beginning so there's going to be a real devotion to the -- you wonder how that devotion though. Will play out and how he carries out his job in what he makes a priority and has told. Following is the charm of this show. News storms mission will be back.

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{"id":18735719,"title":"World News Now: Rob Nelson Anchors Breaking News","duration":"2:47","description":"WNN anchor Rob Nelson remembers the hard news stories during his time on the show.","url":"/WNN/video/abc-news-rob-nelson-breaking-stories-18735719","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}