ABC News' Rob Nelson Joins Twitter

A little behind the times, but finally sending out tweets.
2:57 | 02/22/12

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Transcript for ABC News' Rob Nelson Joins Twitter
World news now delivers your morning -- So there's this guy named John -- real array who died back in 1985 relating that he was the only son of the one and only Adolf. Hitler and -- proud distinction but that was some renewed attention to some evidence. It's out there they looked and blood type they looked at hand writing they believe this guy really could be the one and only son of Hitler who -- back in 1945 the age of 56 is inconclusive just innocently fascinating to look into we had to. Wonder a little bit what that moment must have been like if -- -- when he found out your dad was Hitler take a long. Yeah. Don't know. You're not through work. And I told students who even knew which speaks. A okay. Back up pretty accurate description and they've -- some like that on this you know. About the sudden idea -- the -- -- the -- 85 so. Anyway it's missing family tree and then wrote a book about it and they're gonna turn early releases taking. He sustained -- case cell Wall Street Journal has proved they've seen a woman is more than just to -- -- but it's like literally a patent your whole body. They're -- that and then a lot of the apparel and accessories that we -- too tight. Too loose and it really can wreak Havoc on our house has just banks which is why I deserve my today. If they're too tight to -- banks another -- papers can cause nerve compression and digested issues. Not to mention painful welts for the fabric and lash. The logs from inflating reducing oxygen intake tight jeans and skinny jeans. Lesions lower back pain and for men to collars and neckties can reduce circulation so. -- -- 67% of men buy shirts they're smaller than the next just really and I miss him well Taylor you all realize health. -- share your -- -- hey you know what he had to do here. We also have some breaking news this morning -- that despite my better judgment but encouragement from you garnered from -- -- reduces -- I finally. Twenty years and everybody else joining the Twitter. No longer the technological stone age here TV rob Nelson -- handle that they call I've resisted this thing for mama FaceBook addict but I just getting on the Twitter bandwagon -- you've been. You're angry torch and I -- -- I'm sitting -- waiting for the first time on the air no longer a Twitter virgin hoping to connect volumes on the acts out -- Did somebody drop stories always welcome 125. Right now send it out there follow me follow -- -- -- -- on Twitter. No longer -- I don't know so you.

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{"id":15763765,"title":"ABC News' Rob Nelson Joins Twitter","duration":"2:57","description":"A little behind the times, but finally sending out tweets.","url":"/WNN/video/abc-news-rob-nelson-joins-twitter-15763765","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}