Time Travel Rules at the Movies This Weekend

"About Time" and "Free Birds" lead the pack at the theaters this weekend.
2:39 | 11/01/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Time Travel Rules at the Movies This Weekend
Welcome back everybody it is time for insomnia theatre opening this weekend two movies about time travel. And the first one about time is a British rom com from the director of nodding -- and love actually love those movies. It's -- Henderson an awkward young man who learns he is an inherited the ability to go back in time. He chooses to use it in little ways to earn love and start a family but he comes to see that his powers has limits when movie strengths of the character's dad. Played by Billy Knight. -- and you marry someone. -- And this is a kind man. With a good homes -- no. Particular. Pro -- -- but many things in my life and I am very proud. To be the father of Muslim. -- Phil -- is great in the film that Rolling Stone says dragged down by wind -- and sentiment about time feels like it weighs a time. The Seattle times was more charitable saying it's a pleasant gentle comedy about enjoying every moment even if you have to play it over twice to get it right. And -- recognize we had the opportunity to do that the other movie is free birds and animated movie from the director of Horton hears a who. It's about a Turkey who thinks he has it made after getting a presidential pardon -- but. He is drafted into a plan to go back and -- in the first Thanksgiving to make sure turkeys are not part of celebrations has a funny moments. Sweetheart. I think we're gonna go with a bigger Turkey account. We are on. -- not good enough but now -- It. I -- critics used the word Turkey a lot in describing this movie the Washington Post however says. Finally there is a movie vegetarian parents can enjoy with their impressionable offspring. The LA times writes like the ungainly -- creatures at the center of the herky jerky adventure. This -- sell them. Gets off the ground. Hudson's -- I take that I get tickets to see it Hewitt yeah totally which -- -- a film that never gets off the ground but you know what it's not hard going and looking like very -- Yes this is exactly what you vegetarian -- I am are you really -- pesky Terry and I was officially fish shrimp and anything from the -- and -- -- lands.

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{"id":20750401,"title":"Time Travel Rules at the Movies This Weekend","duration":"2:39","description":"\"About Time\" and \"Free Birds\" lead the pack at the theaters this weekend.","url":"/WNN/video/about-time-free-birds-movie-review-20750401","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}