Academy Awards 2012: Best of Oscar

Check out Rob's and Paula's favorite moments from the Oscars.
3:38 | 02/27/12

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Transcript for Academy Awards 2012: Best of Oscar
So you -- out a lot about me by this next -- of course we're gonna give you some of my favorite moments from the Oscars. And done I met sophomore type of -- girl elevator -- been so Melissa McCarthy her defection from bridesmaids that was one of them the moments that I left out his -- -- little short with Billy Crystal if you don't know her character from bridesmaid she's brash he's hysterical and sexually aggressive. Very sexually aggressive. Take a look. Protection. -- I still have to introduce that -- Emma Stone. I really -- -- and her sister. -- I'm sorry I was went on my favorite supporting actors roles that Wright -- it was the Stacy Aldridge the funniest is seeing some genuine and sweet and that those that was a real good -- from Illinois. The issue really midwestern -- San Diego set -- the midwest midwest Angela Park OK one of my other top moments that I actually read the book that -- -- of I just saw the movie this weekend and I loved it -- And I -- gotten -- Jackson who was played by T media Spencer Academy Award winner karate academy yet and I I just loved it. You know that some people get up there and they give the speech and it doesn't feel genuine but hers was so heartfelt and were -- to take from us and. I help. He's wrap up and wrap it up I'm sorry -- -- out. -- -- to follow god and thank you to WB and you -- LA I'm sorry that I -- items are expected to. Yeah there I've loved that would it was a fantastic movie my husband -- at -- -- over the ocean people who are genuinely humbled and honored to win those -- -- sales are expected it. Like -- they my agent -- or she really was from a heart so congratulations to her also much out. What led up there on the red carpet and -- of -- few days about this it is -- Sasha baritone as a new movie coming out called. They dictators he places kind of crazy Qaddafi like god. -- kind of demanded they go hit the red carpet in character which he did and it had this moment with Ryan Seacrest -- -- -- With sprinkles over the net job at that nobody that is just again. -- Those supposedly yes it came min Jung Il the late North Korean leader and he dumped all over Ryan Seacrest is tubs and -- wondering what was real what was -- said why really wasn't. Too happy about what happened -- A sliding movie didn't rides on TV you're -- -- dirty it was kind of weird but now -- expect after -- -- -- now -- the headlines obviously was was going for there are so. Anyway also the big news from last night Billy Crystal was back for the first time I think an eight or nine years. As -- -- it was really really -- -- of -- typical Philly -- he did the music you know the musical number many. Tobin that would himself and a montage of all the movies in kind of did this and seeing right here to George Clooney -- kind of -- -- -- -- the descendants where. That picture every month three Billy Crystal and now we're Georgetown kisses -- -- -- -- -- -- -- take a listen. Just -- it may be delaying. A tender funny moments into grades good job really good to have you back your funny level with -- Georgia -- all the winners will be right back.

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{"id":15798622,"title":"Academy Awards 2012: Best of Oscar","duration":"3:38","description":"Check out Rob's and Paula's favorite moments from the Oscars.","url":"/WNN/video/academy-awards-2012-best-of-oscar-15798622","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}