Adopting Turkeys as Pets

For $30 a person can sponsor or adopt rather than eating a turkey.
2:56 | 11/22/12

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Transcript for Adopting Turkeys as Pets
Welcome back everybody here we have a special edition around that mixed this morning -- holiday related Thanksgiving related stories here. You have an interest -- -- that could result. Talk Turkey if you're not planning on eating a Turkey has consumed more than you can adopt one yes there is an actual. Group that is -- -- you're -- went down to Turkey it's called -- the adopt -- pet Turkey projects. And its citizens 1986 they've been doing it this is what's Q. Are the pictures they send with a document Turkey she looks -- -- in love with that -- yes their beloved turkeys at the farm sanctuary for thirty dollars anyone can sponsor. A Turkey there's days after the project and it just sitting there trying to promote this as well as you don't have to eat a Turkey at Thanksgiving as tight and as a kid. Police say the Turkey lucky the church he felt some -- truck right in front of our -- and and we adopted him and brought a lot of grants that's Wednesday was lucky if he had he needed yeah Thanksgiving engine and up on Thanksgiving table but it -- young black -- and two candidates. Haven't got into the studio he battled. Yeah all of these years later so adopt the Cherokee Cherokee county Kentucky. You -- and my my over the gonna stop just related it. Also asked the obvious tomorrow's Black Friday posting of the storm the malls and best buy this -- -- -- you -- go -- as they do every year this is interesting to folks who are serial -- -- those who can return gives a lot -- more and more stores around the country that are adopting these policies were to return items you have to show your photo ID Victoria's Secret does this Home Depot target -- -- -- 62% of unit US retailers. Had this policy they're saying returned fraud abuse it's costing hundreds of thousands of jobs and up to one point one billion dollars annually in sales tax. Revenues here because of people get like that -- in May try to return in September. They turn over their it was a that's just the point you know it -- and -- they -- they reducing diesel target. High priced items and return them for store credit gift cards and then resell those cards. Or use gift card trading website to basically -- to -- cracking down and if you return -- they take your photo ID and -- a database so serial returner as. Beware you this holiday season you have been more. He returns of -- after the show regarding -- underwear to answer return underwear X that's been victorious running American worry about that note thank you Washington. Well you've heard about it may have heard about beer goggles you know I want talks about -- -- -- -- There is a new device that -- created. The trying to help you lose weight to this Thanksgiving and it's at their actual goggles or glasses that you put on and it makes if you look at this and make something appear larger. Then it is -- -- actually on the left. Good thing isn't it is your sentence is an adolescent is -- appears chargers hosted activate your brains and not to eat and lastly here's some good ones feel that feels all right that makes it look bigger that's the whole -- commands need anything that some days.

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{"id":17785336,"title":"Adopting Turkeys as Pets","duration":"2:56","description":"For $30 a person can sponsor or adopt rather than eating a turkey.","url":"/WNN/video/adopting-turkeys-pets-17785336","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}