Airport Bars: Which is Best?

Finally the answer weary travelers have been looking forward to.
2:59 | 03/21/12

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Transcript for Airport Bars: Which is Best?
Yeah. World news now delivers your morning -- When you like to do anyway in the airport. Read magazines that I don't have to -- any in my brain tells how great comic ironically people. And they haven't -- website a model on sale right AM oh G dot -- has ranked the top. -- best airport bars and regard in order says the electric easier the -- encounter at LAX airport alto Los Angeles has kind of UFO thing. We also had the new -- Jim Bob Barr and real that is in the airport out -- at Denver for you folks in the mile high city. Then we have of course the -- the world's busiest airport Atlanta this is one flu self. Which is in the again in the airport and -- was a good place. Then -- those who do little overseas traveling we have jets bar at the Belize city international airport and then finally we have the sensor bar. At the Zurich international airport in Switzerland's of those in need of traveling as the get to this nice warm weather season. You wanna call one as you wait for your foot you know twelve day layover there of those five bars -- -- -- -- -- -- Meant he hasn't been much mileage arms migraine real -- yeah vs iPhone is threatening to -- daily let me explain Nokia they have just filed a patent this month they -- come up with what's called a magnetic -- -- you. And at bay yet so yes -- -- They basically would -- your arm. And it has like little -- -- -- basically -- we'll tell you little buzz it'll vibrate -- your phone is ringing or when you receive the messages -- message rather if you want to ignore the phone ringing you have to like scratch your -- Why would you need as opposed to just having the phone physically on you listening ordering her vibrating your pocket -- whatever we think. We have our contest right now let's get extra help either -- and everything rains earlier in -- that whole thing that gives me out. Put it down. Everybody it's okay. Life will go on about your phone technology. It's a scary thing this is further -- Samsung has these new plasma HDTV's out right now. And -- -- worries out there that they can allow hackers or even that he in company itself to see and hear you that your family collect some pretty personal that in here and literally record in the technology recognizes who's watching the TV. And the personalities and then adjusts the programming -- here and responsible is commands as well -- -- -- in your TV. Could lead to people watching which is scary because there's TVs and -- Behind and it. The TV's. This show no way could we want people. From the general people's living really means could just tell them -- you won't Carole McDonnell on guns. Can't stop to -- content your teeth -- with the politicians do 00 over various homes and -- what do you do. Do you want to leave yet and again.

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{"id":15968146,"title":"Airport Bars: Which is Best?","duration":"2:59","description":"Finally the answer weary travelers have been looking forward to.","url":"/WNN/video/airport-bars-best-15968146","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}