Alleged Texas College Stabber Identified, Fantasized Attack

Police say Dylan Quick stabbed at least 14 students, many in the face and neck.
2:01 | 04/10/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Alleged Texas College Stabber Identified, Fantasized Attack
A student who told police he would fantasize for years about stabbing people to death. Is in custody this morning in Texas police in suburban Houston -- twenty year old Dylan quick stabbed at least fourteen students many of them on the face and neck. ABC's brandy had explains what happened good morning Randy. Good morning John and Marcy this was chaos on campus eyewitnesses say this and it went from building to building slashing at students with an exact -- knife. Police received a call of an attack at a college just outside of Houston. The -- was described as. Male on the loose. Stabbing people. At least fourteen people were wounded in an apparent stabbing at the lone star college system's campus in Cyprus. Just. Going to class and I just want dinner solemn ago Leon the stairwell. His biggest gain and then it was pretty close the moment I was there. -- -- away from what actually happened. Authorities say at least twelve people were taken to area hospitals for by helicopter. And the suspect is in custody. ABC's Houston affiliate KT RK obtained this cell phone video from a student showing sheriff's deputies finally subduing the alleged attacker. A white male that we believe is approximately twenty -- years of age. And currently enrolled. Both Bard College system. Authorities believe he acted alone college officials initially sent out an alert urging people to seek shelter and locked down. Buildings were. -- church to -- once it was determine if they were safe. And secure -- a very orderly evacuation of the campus. Did commands. The college is closed as the investigation continues. Students and faculty chase the suspect down before deputies arrived and authorities still have not determined a motive.

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{"id":18920934,"title":"Alleged Texas College Stabber Identified, Fantasized Attack","duration":"2:01","description":"Police say Dylan Quick stabbed at least 14 students, many in the face and neck.","url":"/WNN/video/alleged-texas-college-stabber-identified-fantasized-attack-18920934","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}