Amanda Bynes' Car Impounded

The troubled actress was pulled over by police for driving with a suspended license.
3:00 | 09/17/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Amanda Bynes' Car Impounded
And now it's time for the skinny my favorite part of -- -- basically. American Idol I am such a fan I not only watch the show I also vote repeatedly demands on you have what really in fifteen -- That's very well American Idol the judges have finally been announced we've got -- -- -- not I wish. Randy Jackson is back for more because he just he's -- on Mariah Carey and -- Urban Celeste Flores and I love keep Everett lord judges isn't injury. Back out to be really interesting we know that Mariah -- Randy Jackson their friends they've worked together but inherently -- Ryan and -- not as -- not really -- they don't like each -- so it's going to be very -- Thursday -- at a -- -- -- but I like a nice balance of John idea that I'm really metal rap -- and the -- will have time little -- it's going to be wonderful. I'm really actually adjusted and -- percent of what she adds that because -- the new kid on the -- -- is only between nine years old and she's kind of hip -- -- Scott she likes to push the -- June so we'll see -- Bikinis yes like -- Karen. She can pull it off the far right -- moving a -- amid the vines. And a bit of -- behind I'm Sunday morning she was pulled over by police and they realized that her car that she actually the driving under suspended license -- -- impounded the vehicle as you can see that photo by TMC. Heavy for a misdemeanor ticket for driving on a suspended license she also was pulled over September night last weekend and they didn't. They didn't issue -- -- -- and there's pictures now. They're thinking that she has some sort of mental illness according to -- sources say that she's. She's suffer rain. From displayed signs of mental and she went to a jammed last week looking dazed and talking to herself and that apparently asking and answering. Her question isn't using some kind of -- and that picture. Expecting and I hot -- and a pipe. Finally come and yet -- -- a car. -- a car is just not punish kids I hope she gets the help she needs she needs now and -- -- for a different path clearly. Well even Longoria. Who -- -- it's a nice -- -- yeah. She has confirmed that she is dating jets quarterback Mark Sanchez now mark is twenty -- way of and is a thirteen seven just not paid yet episode you know I mean very very interesting and I both think she should stay away from the athletes she didn't the action have a great time with the last one -- Tony Parker know. Not a good relationship didn't eat cheat on her son saying man and let -- -- Q didn't he -- -- and apparently he loves the ladies and yes. She loves -- mountains mean they're cute couple. Many -- you baby blanket. Combat -- one Chris Brown. -- his new album coming out and -- UK at least at one record store. And London's -- megastores at least one group -- UK campaigners are slapping his new album without warning and says this man beats women they just want do they want purchasers to think before they die and particularly think about his violent past. I haven't been able to get massive I'll be honest I like his latest song. Don't wake me up. Can't get past the Rihanna beating yeah. Larry Hughes chairwoman -- -- -- can't do it. Get him right there again.

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{"id":17251834,"title":"Amanda Bynes' Car Impounded","duration":"3:00","description":"The troubled actress was pulled over by police for driving with a suspended license.","url":"/WNN/video/amanda-bynes-car-impounded-17251834","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}