AMAs: Taylor Swift Wins Big

Music and Media Consultant Bruno Del Granado wraps the American Music Awards.
3:59 | 11/21/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for AMAs: Taylor Swift Wins Big
-- the start of the music industry -- out. Full force last night at the annual American music awards show quite -- show last night joining us now live with a complete wrap up of the music industry's biggest night is world -- -- music and media consultant Bruno that you say because you. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That I do. Look bad news updates who -- the big winners last night my friend well. Taylor Swift three for 31 the biggest award of the night entertainer of the year she won two weeks -- what the -- amazing while she was. -- -- I think -- the -- -- was two for two. Q on the best hip hop and best RB album. Not even -- making kudos because you know Houston maybe -- time in -- news and -- weighing in a few -- very very chauvinistic. -- not -- do well in rap and hip hop you know bill keeps it real and she did very well he got a long career had -- You know who she is Bergmann got very. There -- original self. He's really deserved to win those who like -- that is -- -- the -- LS Diana's wedding ring. It was also picked -- that music reality shows yesterday yes Jennifer Lopez two years ago Jennifer Lopez and Adam Levine two years ago. People had written -- off their careers -- yeah you know there are done that's what -- -- said. American Idol -- -- weird totally and Adam Levine -- its -- Shameless -- the scarlet Ibis. And a little biased think what we've got myself come on if you look at the -- -- but I'll say it can't absolutely reforms -- my last night at a big way. Usually people are very best Latin favorite Latin artists and that's -- you Jennifer Lopez in the last seven months. And American Idol he's successful album he has yet campaign of very popular -- -- cold. A movie television show and everything else she's sitting pretty on top of the world very well deserved which works very hard to -- Adam Levine thanks to the voice. Being the hope -- -- -- -- that the judges on the voice once again to major singles. On the on the radio this year. And they won best -- First kind of never won an award -- -- once again one of those bands of people have written off a year ago. Again right now -- -- yeah great. Great voice -- -- doubt that it heard like a really ended up not being no she wants to out of four but you know what next week when Grammy nominations come around she will probably have a -- nomination -- -- -- -- -- -- of the -- yes yes the -- are voted on by the industry but here's my producers by record. Engineers. -- in American music awards from the local popularity contest followed by the fans. Johnson it was a good show that what was your favorite part of the show how about that last some rulers of that element -- -- -- -- you know I think you have to -- -- mushrooms and sort of -- aftermath. I watched David Hasselhoff but. -- -- -- -- The ripping off the -- six I think we're getting that you -- Absolutely -- believe there -- well. It was great have out of New York City -- supplying the -- But I also love -- -- -- -- the beginning was David's letter that was awesome I'm doing great way to kick off the show. Give him credit for home -- -- his words usually came on the early part of a year now this is all the November usually January -- -- used to be in February may not be moved into November because of sweets it also because it's the weekend before Black Friday starts so they wanna keep. In yes CD selling season. -- higher taxes and Latin who knows I'm not saying that haven't even been a man always a good thing all right thank you so I think very much -- -- got out of Baghdad and that's how well he loves.

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{"id":14996379,"title":"AMAs: Taylor Swift Wins Big","duration":"3:59","description":"Music and Media Consultant Bruno Del Granado wraps the American Music Awards.","url":"/WNN/video/amas-taylor-swift-wins-big-14996379","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}