'American Idol': Nick Jonas Could Be a Judge

Us Magazine says that Nick Jonas and Farrell Williams could join Mariah Carey at the judge's table.
3:41 | 07/31/12

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Transcript for 'American Idol': Nick Jonas Could Be a Judge
Welcome back everybody was -- -- -- to get to this morning me out a lot about American Idol who could be next on the judges' table will we have some information here according to us weekly the two new names that could be the next permanent judges -- -- -- Mariah Carey -- the new. Apparently. Nick Jonas and for -- Williams the produce and frozen big names he's worked with he's -- his own music -- -- on the biggest names out there the -- the middle Britney Spears Justin Timberlake Gwen Stefani. He's -- who highly regard producer and of course. Nick Jonas part of the singing group we also missed it all wrong when he got great reviews so they're saying they're very closed -- signing a contract a good target the final details long iron memorize already done deal. But that could be looking at what could be. Your new American Idol. Panel right there is now it's almost confirm that Randy is gonna take on mentoring role how to get -- -- -- Table and do something a little bit different so. But for those. Sure about those three and I I mean you know I watched idol. When I vote and I checks my votes I'm very very involved -- I was very involved when. She found some Mariah -- -- Nick Jonas -- Minnesota watch you know why it's -- -- are never have made make sure a little stick around awhile since losing to these as a revolving -- here but we'll say both they don't get well the united. You're eighteen million or some -- from Iraq what Kobe Bryant he's in the news yet again. And his wife is a very upset she's furious over some party pictures comment that we're taking when he was in London check this out there they go -- yes. Apparently called me claims -- someone has spilled a drink on him that the picture from TMZ and he was only briefly -- list when he sent for a cleaner. Dry -- shirt but. So -- -- 18 Vanessa who was going to divorce him but. Decided not to. Apparently is furious not over the fact that he took that these pictures were taken of him but -- -- put yourself in the position. Anything really happen but you know back east how long way to go are -- to go south. Come on -- Can do better he does love the story all right. Also -- Playboy magazine -- -- a limited history come November because they're gonna the first. India that woman to ever grace the pages of the magazine opportunity stunning beauty and the editor -- -- Chopra and she actually wrote the magazine. -- -- months ago with the idea for a spread and the city you know what well we'd like you now she's -- -- going to be the November issue here some folks in India are not. The happy -- that magazines actually -- in her native country but she says look this is an achievement was to take that away from me and she's going to be the Hollywood goddess there's he has -- have to check her out in her all her. -- -- high in November as she is beautiful movie gave her prominent last. Not least for you -- hearts out there like myself Kristen Stewart you know there's a special place -- -- for people that liked to sleep with from other people's husbands for -- apparently she likes to do that allegedly she had an affair with Rupert Sanders -- director of now he is out for the first time displaying his wedding band unbelievable. But her friends are tweeting that they never really had they never really did the deed. Whatever I mean and still another Roberts had a -- told her he -- to move out move out of. House and other reports -- he was just weeks away from proposing to her witness news broke said the story got a lot more complicated here but. Kelly we're just cut whenever just buddies is that's how -- thing.

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{"id":16892615,"title":"'American Idol': Nick Jonas Could Be a Judge","duration":"3:41","description":"Us Magazine says that Nick Jonas and Farrell Williams could join Mariah Carey at the judge's table.","url":"/WNN/video/american-idol-nick-jonas-judge-16892615","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}