American Idol Series Finale Surprises

The TV institution signs off after 15 years on the air.
3:59 | 04/08/16

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Transcript for American Idol Series Finale Surprises
OKC anytime and we'll start with the swan song of American Idol. The fox show's big finale took. Place last night from the Dobie theater in Hollywood the same venue at the Oscars and this was the end of the fifteenth season of American Idol producers have. Promise to celebrate. Can of the shows remarkable history. And some of its most famous a love did not disappoint. Great great night. In addition to all those live performances idol season one winner Kelly Clarkson appeared in a pre taped segment she's expecting first and second child's. Right want to start a show included a true blast from the past season one co host Brian debacle men made kind of cathartic appearance with co host Rhine Seacrest you may were called to recommend shows to leave idol after his. We're season after the season. You could say his career and secrets went in opposite directions. Can though I don't watch and that person. Casey as one fan he tells People Magazine last night was his first contact with secret since leaving the show well what's so they got little bro hug at. I'm cal was back doing the show's other original judges Paula Abdul and Randy Jackson on stage how teased Abdul saying that. Why she was so mean to the contestants who wanted to know while. He was trying to be nurturing and helpful and Cowell had said he wasn't going to attend the show obviously he adds a surprising and so does this. You back to. How good he's relatively little love when William. Made it to the states. You prove that he can still blocked out a stirring rendition of she'd day yes everything is that is because. Rick he's jealous it was kind of like free bird only bad hop and Hedrick who was hopeful but it's what we do expect from him right. And the Ford wrap up our American Idol coverage we should mention there's actually a new American Idol he's 24 year old trend Hartmann. Who calls himself just to do from Mississippi Harmon won a recording contract in addition to being named that shows I don't I don't. We'll be interesting to see what happens is people have done so well not just the winners but even people coming for delivery. Ike Taylor hit. This story really. I don't know they're going in the. Little known fact. OK so yesterday we showed you a brief and very brief in fact snippet from the new Star Wars movie trailer didn't end up or anything else there's won't. Monument age fifteen and reckless aggressive and undisciplined. This is a rebellions in. I repent. We've been sacked tells us a bit about. Rebel character named Jane burst so to get that right when he played by felicity Jones trailer has been watched by many millions by now and. Plenty of reaction about it stems from there being another female character in the Star Wars franchise movie. Jim follows raised from Star Wars the force awakens. One online character commentator said that any fan anger over female lead is simply wouldn't Texas and everyone has plenty of time to come down. By the way we should that originally film premieres in December.

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{"duration":"3:59","description":"The TV institution signs off after 15 years on the air.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"38245538","title":"American Idol Series Finale Surprises","url":"/WNN/video/american-idol-series-finale-surprises-38245538"}